CITI-Sense-Mob work meeting Oct2013

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CITI-Sense-Mob work meeting Oct2013

Title CITI-SENSE-MOB work meeting Oct2013
Place UNIK
Date, Time 2013/10/28, 1200-1500
Contact Person Nuria Castell Balaguer
Participants Mirjam Lukasse, Wesal NN, Hai-Ying Liu, Erol Cagatay, Martin Rødvand, Titi Roman, Mike Kobernus, Waqas Moazzam, Arne J Berre, Nuria Castell Balaguer, Josef Noll, Franck R Dauge, Gunnar Fredrikson, Dimitra Chasanidou, Swati Sharma, Jessy Tretter
related to Project CITI-SENSE-MOB
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CITI-SENSE-MOB work meeting

Presentation Session

Bluetooth Sensors by Jessy

Bluetooth Smart supplies interfaces for low power sensor devices

Example 1: UV meter

  • UVA, UVB, Accelerometer

Example 2: Kestrel Wather Meter

  • wind speed, Temperature, Humity, Brometric Pressure, Heat Index ...
  • SensApp application

PEIS and PhoneGap

  • personal observation and measured data
  • PhoneGap is a framework for cross-platform development, need native-plugin

DENIS - sensor by Mirjam

DENIS was delivered by Dynavnet

  • Database access through GPRS
  • measures Humidity, NO2, SO2 CO2, CO, pressure, temperature, O3, NO
  • prototype on the phone, with "dots"
  • platform developed through xxx, evtl
  • visualisation from GIS server

Mobile Bike Sensors by Josef

using the electri bike vom

Car connectivity by Arne


  • using the Bluetooth connectivity from the service connection of the car to the Internet