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"Big Data for Energy" Workshop +"Big Data for Energy" Workshop  +


10th ECTMIH 2018 Antwerpen +10th ECTMIH 2018 Antwerpen  +


2012/02/07 +2012/02/07  +
2012/03/30 +2012/03/30  +
201609-Challenges in radio communications for smart grids +201609-Challenges in radio communications for smart grids  +
267558-DigI-Negotiation-Jan2017 +267558-DigI-Negotiation-Jan2017  +


4th Summit Community Networks Dodoma Okt2019 +4th Summit Community Networks Dodoma Okt2019  +


AHERI 2020 Conference Mar2020 +AHERI 2020 Conference Mar2020  +
AHERI-BasicInternet collaboration Dec2019 +AHERI-BasicInternet collaboration Dec2019  +
AION-Basicinternet Jan2020 +AION-Basicinternet Jan2020  +
Adaptive Learning for Business +Adaptive Learning for Business  +
African Innovation Week participation Oct2019 +African Innovation Week-AIW2019 Okt2019  +
African Innovation Week-AIW2019 Okt2019 +African Innovation Week-AIW2019 Okt2019  +
Air Quality Recommender System Okt2014 +Air Quality Recommender System Okt2014  +
Alfatroll IQ Engine steering of UAV +Alfatroll IQ Engine steering of UAV  +
Alfatroll-BIA +Alfatroll-BIA  +
Alfatroll:Mission for UAS +Alfatroll:Mission for UAS  +
Anthrax follow on Nov2017 +Anthrax follow on Nov2017  +
App collaboration with Australia +App collaboration with Australia  +
App design +App design  +
App design follow-up meeting +App design follow-up meeting  +
App design review +App design review  +
App for gravide +App for gravide  +
App status for Apple Store +App status for Apple Store  +
App-dev and timeline Citi-Sense-MOB +App-dev and timeline Citi-Sense-MOB  +
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