DigI:DigI Paris Meeting April 2019

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DigI:DigI Paris Meeting April 2019

Title DigI Paris Meeting (April 2018)
Place Orange_Labs@Châtillon
Date, Time 2019/04/09, - 9Apr2019 - 10Apr2019
Contact Person Christine Holst, Erwan Le Quentrec, Ingeborg K Haavardsson, Wisam Ahmed Mansour
Participants Josef Noll, Christine Holst
related to Project DigI:DigI
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Orange Labs, Châtillon, Paris, France

46 Avenue de la République, 92320 Châtillon, France

The meeting starts on Tuesday 9Apr2019 at 10:00h, and finish on 10Apr2018 at 15:00h. Our local organizer, besides Erwan is Maryse Piart <maryse.piart@orange.com>


First Day Second Day Outside

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DigI Project Status 2019/04/09Josef NollClick to OpenDigI


1. Day, 9Apr2019

10:00 Welcome (Erwan)
10:15 Report from Field Work in Iringa (Flora - 15 min + 15 min discussion)
10:45 Report from installations in the North (Elibariki, Josef - 15+15)
11.00 Break
11:15 Report from Field Work in Iringa (Christine - 15+15)
11:45 Experiences from Global Health Media Videos in Tanzania - Peter 15min+15min
12:15 Lunch
13:15 "Energy, Communications and Entrepreneurship - About the Mali Pilot" (Erwan, Dimensions) (30+15)
14:00 Neuro-genetics concepts (with epi-genetic) (Peter)
14:30 Break
14:40 The kiosks - discussion: How to get them up and running, maitenance, vouchers, user guides, tablets (moved to Wednesday)
15:20 Topics for Newsletter (moved to Wednesday)
15:40 Basic Internet App - how to transport information to "offline places" (moved to Wednesday)
16:30 Creating KPI framework for the DigI project - Danica

Dinner at la Coupole [1] 102 boulevard du Montparnasse, at 19h45

2. Day, 10Apr2019

09:00 recall from day 1
09:30 Discussion topic: how to measure health knowledge? (through digital tools)
10:15 Break
10:30 Data being collected and how to create the KPIs (45 min)
11:15 Kiosks - ongoing discussion
11:45 Lunch
12:45 Relations and partnerships (following the strategy for connecting everyone)
    • United Nations Panel on Digital Cooperation
    • GSMA, ..
    • TZ government
14:00 AOB
15:00 End of Meeting


List of participants

Plans for the Villages

see DigI:Villages

Migoli school (village spot in Nyerere high school)

  • currently, the LTE and the LNCC are established. The mast of 9 m is at the Nyerere High School, though not put up. Two sector antennas need to be put up on top of the tower (15 m cable), and below (at 6 m) the LTE antenna (12 m cable).
  • extension towards 2 spots in the village, village office (6 m pole) and Migoli health centre (6 m pole)

Izazi (village spot in government building)

  • Extension towards dispensary, with the dispensary having a 9 m pole (15 m cable). New sector antenna with 5 m cable.

Selela (village spot in Selela market, private owned building)

  • Market place extended towards dispensary (1 sector antenna, and local hot-spot)

Esilalei (village spot in private building)

  • Gov house beside the school extended towards dispensary (2 poles, sector antenna and local hot-spot)

Raspberry Pi

  • will be configured to use (fixed IP) and put on Port 2 of the RBD52G
  • 500 most popular webpages on a whitelist, with pages text and pictures. The whitelist is to be found on owncloud.

Village Server Rasberry pie testing. Maurice will provide feedback after seven days of testing.

    • Esilalai
    • Mbash
    • Izazi
    • Migoli

Extension of villages

with the 4 villages above and the Patandi Teachers college, we have identified 2 more villages - see DigI:Villages: Kimande – centre to be connected (Feb 20) and Idodi- centre to be connected (Feb 20). These 7 spots allow us to open for both a partnership in further roll-out, and focus on a stronger involvement in the villages through additional access points.


  • in Izazi, the kiosk is built at the side of the village office
  • in Migoli, two buildings are renewed: the former jail at the side of the village office, and a new spot besides the health station

Voucher system

Iniaki showed us the voucher system, and how this works. The webpage is ready to be rolled out. Have not yet clarified how the operators will be compensated. The person who sells vouchers logging into the webpage. Get a list of vouchers on the phone, a code for each. 2 options, either many options (admin) or a default. The schools are more organized and can have a budget for vouchers.

Basic Internet App

In collaboration with HypeLabs

Next meetings

  • 24-25Sep2019
  • 18-19May2020 in Oslo, with
    • Public Workshop 20May2020 - with NABA++

Book & Science

  • wait with the book, we have other focus right now. We postpone the decision to the end of this year.


  • Short article, one pager w/ one pr two diagrams from the study
  • Digital Inclusion (cooperations)
  • Internet Lite
  • Digital Health
  • Energy & Digital
  • (Informal, vocational ) Education training

(Sustainable Buz Model)

If you want to move fast, go alone - If you want to reach far, go together