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BB23.A +BB23.A Dependable Wireless Sensor Network  +
BB23.B +BB23.B End-to-end assured QoE  +
BB23.C +BB23.C HW supported security mechanisms  +
BB23.D +BB23.D Integrated Safety&Security Development  +
BB23.E +<s>BB23.E Safety critical applications via Satcom</s>  +
BB23.F +BB23.F Out of Band Security  +
BB23.G +BB23.G PHY layer security  +
BB23.H +BB23.H Real-time configuration of secure zones  +
BB23.I +BB23.I Reinforcement of safety for traffic infrastructures  +
BB23.J +BB23.J Reliable Wireless Multi-hop Communications  +
BB23.K +BB23.K Realiable Wireless PHY and MAC  +
BB23.L +BB23.L Routing and scheduling in real-time WSN  +
BB23.M +<s>BB23.M Safety WSN Adapter</s> merged into BB23.I, BB23.G  +
BB23.N +BB23.N SCOTT Security Library  +
BB23.O +BB23.O Security Core - Identification, Authentication and Communication  +
BB23.P +BB23.P Spatial-based authorization and authentication  +
BB23.Q +BB23.Q Towards a Safe Virtual Coupling  +
BB23.R +BB23.R Trust Trust Anchor and Trust Indicators  +
BB24.A +BB24.A Remote Configuration of Infrastructure  +
BB24.B +BB24.B Addressing and Mobility Management of Devices  +
BB24.C +BB24.C Application Layer Protocols and Cloud Architectures  +
BB24.D +BB24.D Big Data Analytics  +
BB24.E +BB24.E Cloud computing services for mobility applications  +
BB24.F +BB24.F Cross-technology synchronisation  +
BB24.G +BB24.G Mobile Edge Computing  +
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