BB23.H Real-time configuration of secure zones


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Title Real-time configuration of secure zones
Page Title BB23.H Real-time configuration of secure zones
Technology Line Security & Safety
Lead partner UCC
Leader Ken Brown
Contributors UCC, Tyco, VEMCO, GUT
Related to Use Cases SCOTT:WP9, SCOTT:WP15
Description In this building block we will develop algorithms for real-time reconfiguration of secure zones and services in large facilities, bases on wireless access control, localisation and actuation.
Main output Algorithms for realtime secure zone configuration, for use in WP9.
BB category Service
Baseline Deployed systems rely on manual reconfiguration of zones, and policy- based access for individuals. Dynamic configuration of access control in general has not yet been deployed.
Current TRL TRL 3 – remote actuation exists for secure physical zones, and it is possible to analyse security policies to respond in real-time to identified presence; similarly, route information (e.g. intended floor) can be associated with swipe cards, and activation of elevators has been demonstrated for that association; we are unaware of any demonstrations of systems that take into account the localisation and prediction of multiple users and which dynamically reconfigure the physical space in resonse.
Target TRL TRL 5 – we will demonstrate the technology in a real building with live data for multiple users, with wireless localisation access control and actuation.