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Project: Wiki_update_2016
Wiki as Project and Cooperative Knowledge Tool
Project leader Josef Noll
Project Participants Iñaki Garitano, Simon Ford, Neill Mitchell, Josef Noll
Start Date 2015/01/01
End Date 2016/12/15
Supported by UNIK, NFR
Objective Enhancement of project pages, with focus on and
Research Domain Internet - IoPTS
Keywords Semantic MediaWiki, Education, Administration

Factpage of Project Wiki_update_2016


The Semantic MediaWiki was established to have a better interconnectivity between courses, lectures, master thesis and knowledge on a more general level. It links up to external organisations, people whom we collaborate with, projects and is the basis for knowledge exchange and day-to-day operation. The Wiki holds currently:

  • information on more than 180 organisations,
  • more than 700 individual people,
  • course information and lectures for the 6 courses: UNIK4230, UNIK4700/UNIK9700, UNIK4750/UNIK9750, UNIK4710/UNIK9710,
  • the course compendium of one course
  • information on 19 national and international projects with involvement of members from UNIK
  • descriptions of more than 52 master thesis, and
  • 3 international projects and 4 national project have selected the Wiki as their project management tool.

As such the wiki is the most up-to-date information base for a large base of users.

Goal and challenges for 2015/2016

The projects IoTSec and BasicInternet user the wiki for day-to-day management, while GravidPluss uses the wiki as knowledge base for all development and roll-out at the 5 hospitals being involved in the study. The wiki is also used as knowledge and educational space for the courses UNIK4700/UNIK9700 and UNIK4750/UNIK9750.

There are three main areas for further development

  • support and reporting tool for IoTSec
  • knowledge platform for several activities, e.g. BasicInternet and GravidPluss
  • semantic knowledge platform for e.g. Master- and PhD-education, linking topics to knowledge of individuals and organisations

Working modus is based on the Issues:Issues_List, implemented by Neill. All users are invited to add issues, and Neill will prioritise according to capacity.

Earlier work

During 2014 and the beginning of 2015 a huge upgrade was performed by Neill, resulting in design pages for

  • - Support through app for pregnant women with diabetes
  • - Free access to basic information (compressed text and pictures)
  • - ESA Ka-band project, measuring propagation characteristics at 27 GHz in Northern and Polar Regions
  • - Security for Internet of Things (IoT), applied for Smart Grids. Main industrial focus on the Smart Grid Security Centre

For more details, see Wiki update 2014