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Research Domain: eHealth

Ongoing projects:
 Titleled by:supported by:
DigINon-discriminating Access for Digital InclusionJosef NollNFR
Trygt SvangerskapTrygt Svangerskap/Reducing Violence in PregnancyMirjam LukasseNFR
RELIGHTProDHP: Digital Health Promotion for the Centre for Global HealthChristine HolstUiO
Finished projects:
 Titleled by:supported by:
MinMatMinMat - Research on breakfast habbitsMone Eli SælandOsloMet
SenSecPhDSensor Security for the Internet of People, Things and ServicesSeraj FayyadNFR
GravidPlussHealth App for Diabetes in PregnancyMirjam LukasseNFR
CystinetAndrea WinklerBMBF

eHealth is a term being introduced to link advances in information and communication to the well-being of people. Some of the dominant trends are

  • the analysis of information through computer systems, sometimes noted as cognitive computing. In this field information is gathered about the person, living style, surrounding, genetics to find either
    • specific treatment of a person, sometimes entitled personal medicin or
    • means of suggesting alternative practises to lifestyle in order to minimize risks of e.g. diabetes or heart attack.
  • the use of sensors both in analysis, treatment and in the every-day life, e.g.
    • using sensors or devices to monitor the fitness or well-being of a person
    • non-invasive sensors to monitor blood sugar and blood pressure
    • communication between sensors, the devices of the person and the the cloud.

In eHealth we will also take into consideration the handling of information, especially the context- and content-aware handling of such information. As an example, regular measurements of Diabetes might only need to be distributed in a secure way to an archive, while sensors indicating a heart attack might broadcast the message to everyone in the surrounding.

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eHealth in Norway

eHealth (eHelse) is a recent term for healthcare practice supported by electronic processes and communication, dating back to at least 1999 [Wikipedia]. Usage of the term varies: some would argue it is interchangeable with health informatics with a broad definition covering electronic/digital processes in health[2] while others use it in the narrower sense of healthcare practice using the Internet.

Activities and contacts

In Norway the following activities are related to eHealth

  • University of Agder med eHelse lab, contact Rune Fensli
  • SFI - Tromsø Telemedicine, contact: Gunnar Hartvigsen
  • Høyskolen i Bergen, 250 households on Kvaløy(??), contact: Knut Øvsthus
  • Altibox and University of Stavanger, contact: Chunming Rong
  • Borg Innovasjon, nordisk prosjekt for utvikling og testing av smart teknologi for omsorgssektoren [1], Contact: Bjørn Horten
  • Telenor Objects ( samarbeid med Visma ( og Tieto (, contacts: Juan Carlos Lopez Calvet, Hans Christian Haugli
  • VerdIKT Internet of Things Value Creation network -
  • Oslo ICT Network,
    • eHelse, e.g. omsorgsteknologi og samhandling
    • Selvbetjent velferd/hjelp til selvhjelp - hva må til ? (15 mars 2012)
  • Head of the Norwegian Health Care CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team), Contact: Suhail Mushtaq
  • Movation - ehealth Innovation. Contact: Gunnar


eHealth events

  • eHelseUKA2012 at Campus Grimstad in June 11-15.
  • Oslo ICT network. Selvbetjent velferd/hjelp til selvhjelp - hva må til ? (15 mars 2012)

eHealth in Europe

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