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{{Deliverable|IoTSec|IoTSec:WP0|IoTSec:T0.2|Scientific Paper #2|M12|Public|UNIK|Seraj Fayyad}}
{{Deliverable|IoTSec|IoTSec:WP0|IoTSec:T0.2|Scientific Paper #2|M12|Public|UNIK|Seraj Fayyad}}

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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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Deliverable IoTSec:D0.5

IoTSec:D0.5 of IoTSec is part of IoTSec:WP0 in Task IoTSec:T0.2

Title: Scientific Paper #2

The deliverable is Public, due date is month M12.

Lead partner of this deliverable is UNIK, main and responsible editor is Seraj Fayyad

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The deliverable is found here:

File:IoTSec D0.5 SciPaper2.docx
File:IoTSec D0.5 SciPaper2.pdf