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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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All Property:Deliverables due in M12

 TitleDue monthLead partnerEditor
D0.1.2Annual Reporting Year 1M12ITSJosef Noll
D0.2.1Workshop Invitations and Minutes Year 1M12NCE SmartDieter Hirdes
D0.4Scientific Paper #1M12IfiOlaf Owe
D0.5Scientific Paper #2M12ITSSeraj Fayyad
D0.6Scientific Paper #3M12SIMULAYan Zhang
D0.7Scientific Paper #4M12NTNUEinar Snekkenes
D0.8Scientific Paper #5M12IfiOlaf Owe
D0.9Scientific Paper #6M12NRHabtamu Abie
D1.1.1Semantic Description of InfrastructureM12IfiOlaf Owe
D1.2.1Methods for measurable security (draft)M12ITSJosef Noll
D2.1.1Technical Report - Privacy Awareness (draft)M12NRHabtamu Abie
D2.1.2Privacy-preservation frameworkM12SIMULAYan Zhang
D2.2.1Anticipatory adaptive security models (draft)M12NRHabtamu Abie
D3.1.1Multi-metrics analysis of applications on the smart-grid infrastructure (draft)M12ITSJosef Noll
D4.2.1Outline of security centre (pres. and outline)M12NCE SmartHeidi Tuiskula