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DigI:Digi-GotoMeeting Oct2017

Title Digi-GotoMeeting_Oct2017
Place https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/727235565
Date, Time 2017/10/12, 1200-1300 h local Paris time
Contact Person Josef.Noll
Participants Andrea Winkler, Bernard Ngowi, Bjarne Tarjei Haugen, Christine Holst, Danica Radovanovic, Elibariki Mwakapeje, Erwan Le Quentrec, Felix Sukums, Finn Helge Tolpinrud, Helena Ngowi, Ingeborg K. Haavardsson, Iñaki Garitano, Josef Noll, Maurice Isabwe, Peter Cardellichio, Rozina Dongol, Sudhir Dixit
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Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/727235565

You can also dial in using your phone, using access code: 727-235-565

Norway: +47 23 96 01 70
United States: +1 (646) 749-3129
France: +33 170 950 594
Germany: +49 692 5736 7210
Spain: +34 912 71 8491


1200 Welcome
1210 status Digi
Admin: % nothing to consider
see all Digi meetings at DigI:Meetings
1210 Recap of Oslo meeting: Action Items++
1230 status Tanzania (Elibariki & Felix)
report from discussions with Telecom operators, regulatory aspects
time-plan for roll-out
1245 status DRC (Finn Helge)
1255 AOB
1300 end of meeting


Minutes GoToMeeting 12.10.2017.

Workplan and site survey,

Congo: Orange and IPX - village starting point, a bit delayed. Maurice creating game for children 10-16 years old, women 20-45 years old. Smartphones from China coming in 20-30 USD.

Literature: Limit ourselves dig health messages services given through internet. Not SMS. A) Christine is working on a state of the art with in digital health information within our topics: - which apps existing? - which infopages existing? - which health videos existing?

B) Danica working on KPIs, - what we are going to measure in digital health - on social development

Bernard has visited Mtera and Izazi, meetings with ward leaders. Site survey will start in November.

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