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IoTSec:Consortium Oct.2018 Oslo

Title IoTSec: Consortium Oct.2018 Oslo
Place NR building, 4th floor Delta room, Gaustabekalleen
Date, Time 2018/10/11, 0015-1500
Contact Person Christian Johansen
Participants Øivind Berg, Christian Johansen, Josef Noll, Habtamu Abie, Åsmund Skomedal, Heidi Tuiskula, Elahe Fazeldehkordi, Olaf Owe, Einar Snekkenes, Hamed Arshad, Manish Shrestha, Øivind Berg, Rune Winther, Svetlana Boudko
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Participants Registration

Logistics Thur, 11Oct2018 1000-1500h

We schedule the meeting together with the PhD defense of Seraj, because his work is very relevant for the project.

The program includes information about the place of the defense and of the meeting, both in the NR building, adjacent to the IFI building. Therefore all transport and internet connection information from before are valid here too.


9:30 Trial lecture for PhD defence of Seraj Fayyad (in Lille Auditorium in NR building 1st floor)
Participation is optional for IoTSec members.
10:15h Welcome and Plan of the day (in NR Delta room 4th floor)
10:20 Table Round
10:30 SGSC Part 1, proposed taxonomy for the SPD trust case by Rune Winther (SIN)
11:30 Lunch (in IFI VIP kantina)
12:15 PhD defense Seraj Fayyad (in Lille Auditorium in NR building 1st floor)
Participation is optional for IoTSec members though the topic is very relevant, thus we will probably all go there, so the meeting continues after this.
14:00 SGSC Part 2, proposed argument structure for the SPD trust case and implementation in the NOR-STA tool by Rune Winther (SIN)
15:00 End of IoTSec meeting

Minutes and Follow-up

Minutes of the meeting are in IoTAdmin:20181011Meeting_Oslo_Notes