IoTSec:Creating the Smart-Grid Security Map


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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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IoTSec:Creating the Smart-Grid Security Map

Title IoTSec:Creating the Smart-Grid Security Map
Place Phone
Date, Time 2015/11/19, 0900-1030
Contact Person Josef Noll
Participants Sofie Nystrøm, Stephen Wolthusen, Sokratis Katsikas
related to Project IoTSec
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The phone meeting was a follow-up of the discussions taken at ISF meeting. Conclusions:

  • work together on the "national map" of actors and responsibilities
  • involve Stephen, Sokratis and György in the discussion (done)
  • thinking towards a national initiative (e.g. SFF,...) towards NFR and authorities
  • by that establishing Norway as a light-house for security and privacy in IoT/Smart Grid/Critical Infrastructure

Action Items

Please prepare a short written description about

a) your expertise (2-3 keywords)
b) your connections to partners (Statnet, Statkraft, Mnemonic, Fredrikstad Energi...)
c) for each of your connection, please indicate 2-3 keywords
d) a list of 5-6 connections (KraftCert, SmartGrid Senter, ....) with names of whom we think should be involved.

As discussed with Sokratis, we will then try to set up the semantic map and refine it together with other actors. My good colleague Arne Dybdahl is working at the Information Modelling Group of the Police, and has established such maps for the information systems of the police. I suggest we involve him and his group in the work. - We'll set up a Doodle for agreeing on a date (January) for this meeting.