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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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IoTSec:HMS transfer to HMSS

Title IoTSec:HMS_transfer_to_HMSS
Place ITS, room 402
Date, Time 2017/12/05, 09:30-12:00
Contact Person Josef Noll
Participants Josef.Noll, Christian Johansen, Olaf Owe, Einar Snekkenes, Adam Szekeres, Seraj Fayyad, Håkon Duus, Øivind Berg, Elahe Fazeldehkordi
related to Project IoTSec
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ITS@Kjeller, room to be announced. Meeting is aligned with bus service (return to UiO at 12:00h)


0930 Welcome
0940 Status of HMS work (Josef)
0950 Impact of Security on Safety (ALL - Discussion and group work)
Examples of security threats affecting safety - the link between security and safety
domain specific challenges
Organisational company structure
The role of the security & safety manager
1140 Summary and Action Items
1150 end of meeting

Expected outcome

A clear value proposition on why "security" (Cyber-, IoT-, IT-...) impacts HMS work, and why it should be considered in each organisation

The move from HMS to HMSS, including security in organisations

Media:Meeting notes HMSS.pdf