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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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IoTSec:IoTSec Consortium UiO2017

Title IoTSec Consortium June2017
Place IFI-UiO
Date, Time 2017/06/07, 7June2017, 1130-1700, 8June2017, 0900-1300
Contact Person Christian Johansen
Participants Josef.Noll, Olaf Owe, Adam Szekeres, Davide Roverso, Manish Shrestha, Einar Snekkenes, Habtamu Abie, Elahe Fazeldehkordi, Toktam Ramezani, Håkon Duus, Christian Johansen, Konstantin Lenchik, Øivind Berg, Øyvind Anders Arntzen Toftegaard, Seraj Fayyad
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This f2f meeting will have two days:

the first day 7June2017 is internal, only for the IoTSec project members
Focus: General Use Case and SGSC consolidation
the second day 8June2017 is open to everyone with invited speakers from outside the project
We have not invited yet anyone. The agenda can be filled in by project presentations as well.


Meeting takes place in the Informatics building called Ole-Johan Dahls Hus in the Blindern campus.
We suggest to take the metro lines 4 or 5 in the direction West and stop at Forskningsparken.
From here walk under the bridge to reach the big black building. This should be visible from the metro station.

Enter in the tower part, and take lift to 5th floor.


  • UiO guest
  • Eduroam

Agenda and Minutes

Minutes of the meeting IoTAdmin:20170607MeetingOslo_Notes

Also see IoTAdmin:Strategy_for_SGSC_from_IoTSec .

Agenda 7June2017

Internal Meeting Day  starts
11:30 Lunch
13:00 Welcome and Plan of the day (Christian)
13:10 Stakeholder motivations (Adam Szekeres)
13:30 Updates on IoTSec ecosystem (Konstantin Lenchik)
14:00 Planning the way ahead towards D4.2 (moderated by Hakon)
14:50 Coffee-break
15:30 SGSC session (moderated by Christian)
16:00 Research Topics for/from DSOs - Open Discussions; bring your idea (moderated by Christian)
16:30 Finishing 1st day Meeting
with Preparations for Reporting (Christian)
18:00 dinner by invitation

Agenda 8June2017

Open Meeting Day  starts
09:30 Open the day (Josef)
09:35 Security functionalities and ontologies (Seraj and Elahe ?)
10:00 NVE work on smart meter security and privacy (Oeyvind Arntzen Toftegaard from NVE)
10:30 Coffee-break
11:00 Introducing SCOTT - Secure COnnected Trustable Things (Toktam Ramezani)
11:30 Risk Analysis Methods (Øivind Berg)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 End of Summer Meeting

Other Ideas/Follow up

Action Items