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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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IoTSec:IoTSec Styremøte Feb2017

Title IoTSec Styremøte Feb2017
Place GotoMeeting
Date, Time 2017/02/15, 1400-1530
Contact Person Josef Noll
Participants Otto Andreas Rustand, Stian Løvold, Åsmund Skomedal, Erik Åsberg, Josef Noll, Dieter Hirdes
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NCE Smart, Remmen Kunnskapspark, Halden; and

You can also dial in using your phone.

Norway: +47 21 04 30 59
Access Code: 544-525-373



  • Smart Grid Security Center: feedback & demands from industry
  • Status IoTSec
  • Plans for 2017
  • Feedback and discussions
  • AOB


  • ingen

Minutes - Orienteringssaker

Smart Grid Security Center

  • "The Centre is opened, and now?"

We need someone to drive the concept

  • Define the service environment (which services)
  • invite partners (conditions, membership advantages)
  • distributed infrastructure
    • simulations in Halden
    • penetration testing in mnemonics,...
    • Cyper-physical lab at UiO
    • SmartGrid Sentered for el-installation
  • interaction and working form

Status IoTSec

  • excellent scientific network, a variety of international meetings, good visibility
  • good scientific outcome,
  • good involvement of students,
  • excellent success rate of novel projects
  • 3 PhD and 3 PostDoc positions are filled, offer for the final PhD position was accepted
  • Consolidated plans for Smart Grid Security Centre are established.
  • Extended Collaboration with Groups and Initiatives, grown from 11 to 19 partners
  • Status of deliverables
    • D4.1.1, Contribution from NTNU still missing (planned Month 8)

Plans for 2017

  • continue the good academic work
  • contribute to new projects, enhance the "security" knowledge
    • Invade
    • SCOTT - secure connected and trustable things
    • lighthouse for Europe?
  • transfer from initial work to first results,

Smart Grid Security Centre

  • value proposition for industry

Feedback and discussions

  • Dieter til å identifisere person som “eier” SGSC
  • Åsmund oppsummerer samarbeid med Fredrikstad Energi
    • hvilken forskrifter/standards forholde vi oss til
    • hva er best praksis i forhold til informasjonshåndtering
    • hvordan kan vi etablere et rammeverk for "secure & documented" roll-out (and operation) of Smart Meters
  • Otto involverer Håkon (i Glitre Energi Nett) til å se om samme struktur passer for Glitre

Mulige standarder, see IoTSec:Smart_Meter_Standards

  • Tysk BSI
  • NL
  • NVE


Minutes Beslutningssaker

  • ingen beslutningssaker


  • next meeting will be decided by the leader of the steering board