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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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IoTSec:IoTSec kick-off Halden

Title IoTSec kick-off Halden
Place NCE Smart, Halden
Date, Time 2015/10/05, 1000 - 6Oct2015 kl 1300
Contact Person Dieter Hirdes
Participants Dieter Hirdes, Josef Noll, Stian Løvold, Paal Engelstad, Åsmund Skomedal, Einar Snekkenes, Seraj Fayyad, Erik Åsberg, Yan Zhang, Davide Roverso, Cristian Johansen, Margrete Raaum, Jayaprakash Rajasekharan, Ole Gabrielsen
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⌘ 5Oct2015 - 1000-1345 Academic Introductory

10:00 Welcome (Dieter Hirdes, Smart Innovation Østfold)
10:20 Table Round
10:50 Agenda

Scientific Task presentations

11:00 WP1 Semantic system, application, and attack description (Cristian Johansen/Olaf Owe, UiO-Ifi)
11:15 Discussion/Comments
11:30 - Coffee Break --
11:45 WP2 Development of security models and modules for IoT systems (Åsmund Skomedal/Habtamu Abie, NR)
12:00 Discussion/Comments
12:30 -- lunsj --
13:15 WP3 System versus Goal analysis for measurable security (15 min, Einar Snekkenes, HiG)
13:30 Discussion/Comments
13:45 End of part I, scientific session

Minutes are on the internal Wiki

⌘ 5Oct2015 1430-1700 Security Centre for Smart Grid

This industrial session will collect aspects from industrial partners towards their expectation of a Smart Grid Security Centre. Industrial and academic partners will shortly present various topics related

14:30 Welcome (Dieter Hirdes, NCE Smart)
14:45 Table round
14:55 Digitalisation as driver or change (Ole Gabrielsen, NCE Smart)
15:25 Addressing security issues in the Grid (Margrete Raaum, KraftCert)
15:45 Q&A
15:55 -- coffee bread --
16:20 The Need for Measurable Security and Privacy (Josef Noll, IoTSec)
16:50 Industrial challenges (Discussion led by Dieter Hirdes)

Minutes are on the internal Wiki

⌘ 6Oct 2015 0900-1300 Academic session

09:00 Resumé of day 1
09:15 Challenges pointed out by industry
09:40 WP4 The Smart Grid Security Centre
09:55 Discussion
10:05 --- Break ---
10:25 Working together in IoTSec: Wiki, Meetings,... (Josef)
10:40 Discussion
11:10 Time Planning, Meetings (all)
NFR feedback on project plan
11:30 Consortium agreement (Stian)
11:50 Discussion
12:10 AOB, Action Items
12:20 --- lunsj ---
13:00 end of kick-off

Minutes are on the internal Wiki


The meeting took place at NCE Smart, Håkon Melbergs vei 16, 1783 Halden, Norway.

  • Overnatting på Fredriksten Hotell

For those travelling from Oslo: We recommend to take the 08:00 train from Oslo, arriving at 09:45 in Halden. From there it is about 7 min by Taxi to NCE Smart.