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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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Topics for IoTSec Workmeetings

During the IoTSec meeting in August 2017 we decided to establish monthly meetings with a specific topic. The identified areas were:

1. Human - Technological Ecosystem

1.1 Organisational aspects: security focus, education, ...
1.2 Technology aspects: Reference architecture, information flow, security/privacy handling
1.3 Human-Technology aspects

2. Ecosystem and Partners

based on the D4.1.1 report from Konstantin, addressing
2.1 The ecosystem for the Smart Grid Security Centre (SGSC),
e.g. NEK, IKT Norge, Energi Norge, Digital Norway, and
examples of services for the SGSC, e.g. meeting place, collaboration platform
2.2 The contacts to authorities like NVE, Datatilsynet, NISK...
2.3 The ecosystem for DSOs
Note: we should build small teams and visit the various individuals

3. Real system analysis

based on security analysis and white paper from NR in collaboration with a DSO, including the security classes established by Manish:

from high-level recommendations
scenarios for dynamic and semantic attribute-based access control (S-ABAC)

Note on 3. Real system analysis

  • NVE and Datatilsynet are the two main authorities, who might give fines for non-compliance with respect to security and privacy
  • Security handlingsplan should address: security analysis, security check and gap analysis
  • The SGSC can be a mediator for discussion between NVE, DSOs and academia

4. Ontologies for semantic assessment

security ontology as basis for our work
privacy labelling

5. Energy modelling

together with e.g. eSmart Systems and UiO Energy
addressing grid stability
applying e.g. game theory