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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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IoTSec:Consortium meeting Jun2016

Title IoTSec:Consortium meeting Jun2016
Place NTNU i Gjøvik
Date, Time 2016/06/09, 09:30-17:00h
Contact Person Einar Snekkenes
Participants Cristian Johansen, Einar Snekkenes, Habtamu Abie, Heidi Tuiskula, Josef Noll, Olaf Owe, Seraj Fayyad, Stian Løvold, Yan Zhang, Toktam Ramezanifarkhani, Gard Støe Valla, Ivar Rummelhoff, Ming-Chang (Leo) Lee, Sigurd Eskeland, Kaniz Fatema Tuly, Håkon Duus, Adam Szekeres
related to Project IoTSec
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  • Address: Ørneredet - on the top floor of the G building, NTNU i Gjøvik. Teknologiveien 22, 28 15 Gjøvik.

Travel...Transport from Oslo

  • (trains from Oslo 07:02, From Gjøvik 17:29)
  • A maxi taxi will pick you up from the train station and take you to the train station when the meeting is finished.


  • 09.30 Welcome & introduction of participants
ongoing discussions
  • 10.00 Action items
  • 10.30 Coffe/Tea/Snacks
  • 10.45 Smartnett i Eidsiva Nett: AMS og informasjonssikkerhet - Gard Støe Valla, Fagansvarlig IKT i Eidsiva Nett.
  • 12.00 -13.00 Lunch
  • 13.00 Status/Results/Plans/Discussion WP 1
  • 13.45 Status/Results/Plans/Discussion WP 2
, a.o. Feilkatalog, systematic representation of failures in the distribution grid
  • 14.30 Coffe/Tea/Snacks
  • 14.45 Status/Results/Plans/Discussion WP 3
  • 15.30 Status/Results/Plans/Discussion WP 4
  • 16.15 Summary/conclusions
  • 16.30 Taxi waiting


Registration form

# Participant Affiliation Comments
01 Josef Noll UiO No meat
02 Christian Johansen UiO Vegetarian
03 Heidi Tuiskula NCE Smart
04 Seraj Fayyad Movation No meat
05 Yan Zhang Simula
06 Ivar Rummelhoff NR
07 Ming-Chang Lee UiO and Simula
08 Habtamu Abie NR No Lactose
09 Sigurd Eskeland NR
10 Toktam Ramezanifarkhani UiO vegetarian
11 Stian Løvold UNIK
12 Einar Snekkenes NTNU
13 Olaf Owe IFI
14 Kaniz Fatema Tuly NTNU Student No food
0x n.n. Partner
0x n.n. Partner
0x n.n. Partner