IoTSec:WP2 f2f 6May2016


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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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IoTSec:WP2 f2f 6May2016

Title IoTSec:WP2 face2face meeting May2016
Place NR, meeting room Spiseriet, 2nd floor
Date, Time 2016/05/06, 0900-1200
Contact Person Habtamu Abie
Participants Christian Johansen, Olaf Owe, Seraj Fayyad, Ivar Rummelhoff, Ming-Chang (Leo) Lee, Sigurd Eskeland, Kaniz Fatema, Heidi Tuiskula, Dieter Hirdes, Dang Ha The Hien, Yan Zhang, Kim Jonatan Wessel Bjørneset, Linn Eirin Paulsen, Josef Noll
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  • Status in WP2
Development of privacy-aware models and measures Privacy (Simula)
Habtamu: Potential artifacts and attributes, Big data analytics, and Semantic approach in support of Adaptive IoT Security
Leo/Olaf: Formal technologies for semantic provability (.pdf)
International activities
  • Deliverables/Publications
D2.1.1 Technical Report - Privacy Awareness (NR)
D2.1.2 Privacy-preservation framework (Simula)
D2.2.1 Anticipatory adaptive security models (NR)
Note: the goal of these deliverables are to set the roadmap for the work in WP2
  • further steps


Major take-away

Potential outcome of IoTSec

  • Merge between Ontologies (from ABS to Ontologies and vice versa)
  • Creating Reasoner from modelling and apply to .owl to check the model
  • Big Data connection
  • Home control standards, how to control appliances like heat pump, car charger,
  • Can we use modelling to create the throttling of energy? (as foreseen for Smart Meter functionality)
  • Privacy- and security-aware logic/computing in the distributed cloud (edge/fog computing)
  • novel home security device to monitor threats (electricity, accidents,...) in the smart home