IoTSec:WP1 WP2 face2face meeting


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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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IoTSec:WP1 WP2 face2face meeting

Title IoTSec:WP1_WP2 face2face meeting
Place UNIK, Gunnar Randers vei 19, 2017 Kjeller
Date, Time 2016/01/20, 0930-1500
Contact Person Josef Noll
Participants Christian Johansen, Olaf Owe, Seraj Fayyad, Ivar Rummelhoff, Ming-Chang (Leo) Lee, Sigurd Eskeland, Kaniz Fatema, Heidi Tuiskula, Dieter Hirdes, Dang Ha The Hien, Yan Zhang, Kim Jonatan Wessel Bjørneset, Linn Eirin Paulsen
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  • Scenario (harmonisation of Google Docs - Scenario)
  • Infrastructure evolution

Presentations & Discussions (30min + 15min)

  • Big data analysis techniques for smart grid (Dang)
  • Semantic technologies (Christian)
  • Multi-metrics techniques for measuring security and privacy (Seraj)
  • Maude - A rewriting logic modelling framework and its use in Smart grid scenarios (Olaf)
  • delayed - Reflections on The human aspect in Smart grids with focus on security and privacy (Linn)


  • Service evolution ?
  • Questions to Master Thesis

Practical information

A free mini-bus connection between IFI and UniK exists. See [1]