DigI:DigI-Health Intervention 10Aug2017

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DigI:DigI-Health Intervention 10Aug2017

Title DigI-Health_Intervention_10Aug2017
Place ITS
Date, Time 2017/08/10, 0800-0900 h local Paris time
Contact Person Christine Holst
Participants Christine Holst, Maurice Isabwe, Danica Radovanovic, Elibariki Mwakapeje, Josef Noll
related to Project DigI
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DigI - Health interventions Thu, Aug 10, 2017 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM CEST


  • Specific interventions planned
  • Which villages to start with (decision on 3 or 4 villages)​
  • use of general health information, like GHMP videos
  • Master and PhD-topics for SDG 3 and Digital Global Health, see presentation

 PresenterPresentation FileKeywords
DigI-SDG 3 Health related TopicsJosef NollClick to OpenPresentation
Global Health
Master Thesis


Measures for digital uptake

  • KPI (key performance indicators) for digital uptake
  • foster the take-up of digital information
  • introducing the tablet, measuring the use and uptake
  • survey on having taken up the knowledge
  • comments, feedback, suggestions
  • technology acceptance: tablet useful,
  • social acceptance: structure, communication amongst people
  • main function of digital devices: increase communications in health, and thus knowledge uptake
  • from health information towards digital society
  • new technologies for agriculture

How to reach the people on the ground

Aim: Reaching the majority of people

  • first ground work (connectivity mobile phone operators)
  • where to place the equipment: close to market place (once to twice a week) versus equipment close to governmental offices
    • issues of security
  • connecting to regular(?) village meetings
  • use radio messages (2-3 times per week, after some months), newspaper
  • use different places, e.g. churches for health education
  • hospitals with TV set
  • which other content could foster the take-up of health messages
  • Tablet without a person will not work, people struggling to open a device (easy to do at hospital during work hour, complicate for placing the tablet at the market place)
  • who can take care of the equipment (tablet), what are the incentives for providing access, volunteers per tablet
  • security for devices

Health message content

Aspects to be considered for digital content


  • what is what we want to achieve, and?
  • what are the costs involved?

Way ahead

  • Suggestion from the TZ team (IT: Felix, Human health: Bernard & Elibariki, OneHealth: Helena)
  • Dedicated visit to the villages
  • Focus in Phase A (3 villages): Selela (Anthrax, TBc, HIV), Izazi, Mtera (Cystocercosis, TBc, HIV)
  • Aligned with One Health approach, having a combined approach
  • for each disease, get a catalogue of a) official information, b) other information/games, ...
  • Comment by Josef: focus on Transformation towards Digital Societies
  • Morogoro report to be presented during Inception Meeting

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