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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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IoTSec:IoT workshop at SERI

Title IoT workshop at SERI
Place rom 540 i Domus Nova
Date, Time 2018/04/03, 1100-1330
Contact Person Christian Johansen
Participants Christian Johansen, Josef Noll
related to Project IoTSec
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Domus Nova, rom 540, St. Olavs plass 5, Oslo


11:00 Preliminary meeting Josef and Christian
In the cafe under SERI building
12:00 Reach SERI offices
Mingling and preparations
12:15 Presentation starts
13:15 end of presentation
More mingling and available to further discussions

 PresenterPresentation FileKeywords
Sensor technology - applications and challenges 2018/04/03Josef NollClick to Open


  • Start from the presentation The Internet of Things - 
The Need for Standardisation 21 November 2017 .
  • Remove some of the more PR slides like about SGSC.
  • Present Challenges that we have identified and work on. These are now in the presentation very well.
  • Add a few more technical slides, e.g.:
    • about communication in IoT (like 5G, wireless, Zigbee, bluetooth, etc),
    • about computation,
    • about energy consumption and energy independence (battery time, energy harvesting, etc),
    • about types of sensors (like in SCOTT WP7 on air quality where they use all forms of imaginable sensors, e.g. see picture in the slide 18 of the VTT presentation in the 14 Feb 2018 meeting in WP7),
      • (sensors in WP7 include temperature, humidity, pressure, various gasses, particles, sound, luminosity, 3D camera, motion, window and doors latch/open),
    • about data produced by IoT devices
      • massive amounts;
      • very intrusive in the life of people in their homes and daily routines, see Smart Meter etc;
      • unreliable from Security point of view i.e., how do we know that the measurement comes from the device and not from attacker?
    • about safety
      • life threatening if failure like bugs that do not trigger the fire alarm or home care monitor
      • if misused by attackers, like the Phillips light bulbs when controlled by attacker can produce epilepsy stroke
      • Ethical question that Brickerbot raised
        • Brickerbot targeted vulnerable IoT devices, and once taking over a device, instead of controlling it for e.g. DDoS attacks, it was Bricking them, i.e.,deleting all firmware making them completely inoperable beyond a simple restart.
        • Is the hacker right or wrong?