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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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T2.1 Privacy-aware models

Task Title Development of privacy-aware models and measures
Lead partner Simula
Contributors UNIK, NR, NCE Smart, Simula
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This task will establish privacy-aware models and related measures of privacy. It will also introduce privacy design patterns for industrial devices and programs. The task will also address security models for business interactions between shareholders.


Deliverables in T2.1 Privacy-aware models

 TitleDue monthLead partnerEditorDissemination level
D2.1.1Technical Report - Privacy Awareness (draft)M12NRHabtamu AbieRestricted
D2.1.2Privacy-preservation frameworkM12SIMULAYan ZhangPublic
D2.1.3Technical Report - Privacy Awareness (final)M24NRHabtamu AbiePublic
D2.1.4Privacy-preservation yet accountable frameworkM36SIMULAYan ZhangPublic

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Detailed objectives

In this task, we will build privacy-preserving yet accountable authentication framework among the key entities in a distributed manner without relying on a trusted their party. We will also design and build privacy designs for metering and control of grid-connected devices and protocols with privacy design patterns. In addition, ww will carry out risk analysis, privacy impact analysis, and deploy user-centric privacy technology. This will

  • establish secure communication among the customers and the service providers, and also key players
  • protect end users private information. Here, end users can be residential users, electric vehicle drivers, and business users in large office.
  • efficiently handle communication failures while ensuring privacy
  • build secure processes for business model, security model, and requirements

Expected Results

The task expects to deliver

  • construction of privacy by Design patterns for IoT applications and the deployment of user-centric privacy technology (M12)
  • processes integrating technology, business model, security model and privacy reqyirements (M24)
  • cooperation and competition framework among different players in the smart grid (M12)
  • Trust scheme based privacy and security solutions for the smart grid (M36)
  • 4 conference papers (M6-M36) and 3 journal papers (1 paper per year)

For the a more detailed approach, see IoTAdmin:T2.1