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Use-case and Building Block relation

This page summarises the results of the discussions between Use Cases (UC in SP2, ) and Building Blocks (BB in SP3, WP23-WP26), and focusses on how Building Blocks will contribute to the Use Cases.

Dear SCOTT BB owners,

as you know your BB is related to several Use Cases in SCOTT. As an outcome of alignment between SP2 and SP3 activities in SCOTT, we would like to ask you to indicate where your BB is implemented using the following table - deadline: 06Apr2018

Relation between Building Blocks and Use Cases in SCOTT

Please exchange the relations ("X") in the table for your BB with either C, E or F:

  • C: Core Use case: The BB will be implemented in the use cases.
  • E: Extended: The BB is foreseen in the use case within the scope of the project
  • F: Future: The BB will have a contribution to the WP, but only on descriptive level and lead to assessment of future impact

Note: Our assumption is that you implement the BB in the use cases indicated in the Description of Work (DoW). We envision the cross-technology view by seeing that BBs are implemented in multiple UCs.
Dropping a UC is only allowed when following the process in the attached document. A reduction of scope is not envisioned, though if F (future) contribution, then

The mapping will bring the If specific BB will not be implemented or has "F" label it results in reduction of PMs assigned to specific UC. Also, such a change requires official decisions described in SP2_SP3_alignment document.


  1. . 06Apr2018 - Building Block owners to update their "C,E,F" contribution to the envisaged use cases. Fill in:
  1. . 13Apr2018 - Use case owners to check relations C/E/F in the table with respect to impact on the use case - same .xls

The baseline for UC scope is the DoW. UC Owners should check the changes according to final version of the DoW. The UC Leader should proceed as described in document Sp2_SP3_alignment.

  1. . 20Apr2018 - BB owner in use case - UC leader: - Cross-verification and scope fine tuning. Same .xls

Related Deliverables

SP2 Deliverables

  • Help & Support - Lukasz Szczygielski (GUT) -

Progress reports

RESPONSIBLE: UC Leader with BB Owners in UC DEADLINE: as defined in call for deliverables


  • Main focus: deployment and integration details (see SP2_SP3_alignment document for more details)

Demonstrator-related documents

RESPONSIBLE: UC Leader with BB Owners in UC DEADLINE: as defined in call for deliverables


  • Main focus: organizational and functional perspective; fulfillment of specific, domain objectives

SP3 documents

Help & Support - Technology Line Leaders WP23, WP24, WP25, WP26

Technology Line documents

Deliverables - D23.1, D24.1, D25.1, D26.1

Final definition of BBs Scope in Use Case

Clear and final definition of BBs that are to be deployed in Use Cases needs to be defined at M12. First iteration was based on DoW, and its results are available in Masterfile (structure of the file is described in SP2_SP3_alignment document). UC owners are driving the description of implementation.

Further information

in the SP2_SP3_alignment document: