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To do

SP Monthly Report: Please upload the SP Monthly Report to the following SharePoint folder:{D303EF2A-B9C4-44C4-AA7B-4A890010C086}

NOTE: Please use the following template:

Links on owncloud

  • We have this wiki on
  • We also have an owncloud for document storage, and with an [Owncloud client] you can configure which files should be locally on your desktop
    • Grant Agreement: Owncloud = SCOTT-ECSEL = 0-ProjectAdmin = Grant Agreement-737422-SCOTT.pdf
  • the main SCOTT project repository is on Sharepoint, see below

Links to Sharepoint

Home Sharepoint -

    • if you don't have access, send mail to Manuela:
    • forgotten password, request: "reset password" on the avl server


Y1 Review

Review Presentations:


Periodic Reports

  • 6-monthly project-wide status report by all partners and SP/WP: and

  • Efforts Periodic Reporting

F2F meetings

BBs and UCs

BBs and TL

The BBs have been renumbered according to their respective TL:

  • TL Security and Safety: BB23.A ... BB23.R

  • TL Distributed Cloud Integration: BB24.A ... BB24.L
  • TL Autonomy / Energy Efficiency: BB25.A ... BB25.G
  • TL Reference Architecture: BB26.A ... BB26.J

Requirement management

Workpackage links

The minutes of the SP1 call incl. actions can be found under:

Administrative links

Administrative Material is in section:

Following the links, you can find templates for