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WP28 - Building Trusted Systems

WP Title: Framework Building Trusted Systems
Project: SCOTT
Lead partner: VIF
Leader: Peter Mörtl


This work package covers the development, application, testing, and refinement of a methodological approach to engineer a trusted system, explicitly considering also non-technical factors including psychological, social, and work contextual factors. To achieve standardization of how trust is addressed across use cases as well as to increase applicability and general utility of results from SCOTT for other additional domains and areas beyond the represented use cases, an integrated framework for the development of trusted systems will be derived by adapting existing guidance , see Figure 86.

The WP is structured in 3 tasks that follow the framework: Task 1 Problem Definition, Task 2 Solution Development and Realization, and Task 3 Trustworthiness Assessment.

Partners in WP28

Tasks in WP28

T28.1 Cloud Integration

  • Objective: This task will address trust issues in building blocks and use cases
  • Expected results: table of trust parameter (M04), selection of trust parameters for selected building blocks (M34)
  • Subtasks:

SCOTT-NO contact: Josef Noll

EyeSaaS (5 PM) will refine the use case “Managed Wireless for Smart Infrastructure” to describe the operational and environmental characteristics of use. An appropriate trust manager will be appointed to implement the SCOTT framework with, as needed, the help of computer interaction designers, human factors, and psychologists to contextualize the trust factors and help derive trust objectives and trust requirements that will enable the actual building of trust for this use case. EyeSaas will monitor these trust requirements throughout the implementation phase. EyeSaas will develop assurance cases that allow to demonstrate trustworthiness of the technologies and document them through analytical and/or empirical means.

Movation (0 PM) lead the work on Deliverable D28.3. Note: neither contribution nor manpower defined

Current status

WP Lead Peter Mörtl (VIF), core focus: on Key Use Cases (WP6/9/11/20/21)

"vision use cases" for WP21

Example for most of the use cases, results from work in Sep2017. What I'm missing is the link to "trustability", and e.g. privacy labels.

In order to address our competence, I would concentrate on the core innovation on what we can see: wireless sensor with fall function (existing), linked to "context-dependent care takers".

  • The problem situation: An elderly patient wants to live at thome but his family is concerned about him or her falling and not being able to get help.
  • The basic innovation: The emergency unit consists of a wireless sensor that (is worn directly on the skin and) automatically detects a patient’s fall along with critical body sensor information that helps neighbours, relatives or the response team to quickly plan the appropriate response.
  • Options include: Also, the system provides emergency responders quick access to the patient’s home.

Please see my comments in-line. My critics:

  • worn directly on the skin (we either need energy harvesting or a charging possibility) - that's the reason why the "Fitbit" bracelets can be taken off.
  • moving away from "everything goes to the Fitbit cloud (or Amazon, Google, Apple,...) rather focussing on a trusted cloud environment being either at the home or following the user perceptions.
  • response only to "health" team? why not focussing on the whole sphere, neighbours, relatives, and health team.
  • TRUST, here means privacy: focussing on "positive surveillance", with the user having full control on the data, storage and distribution.

Can you take care on getting the vision out for all WPs? To my suggestion, we should lift it up to the Technical Board.

phone meeting 21Sep2017

Norah Neuhuber works together with Peter Moertl

  • focussing on WP7, WP8, and WP21
  • need for virtual use cases, being on a higher level perspective
  • no current alignment with the technical details in the WPs

phone meeting 20Sep2017

e2e operational scenario regarding "trust" by each WP leader. The minutes and details can be found under:

Phone conf 13Jun2017


Deliverables in SCOTT:WP28

 TitleDue monthLead partnerEditorDissemination level
D28.3Use Case VulnerabilitiesM12VIFConfidential

Working area

Trust support

  • need to do a Semantic translation", e.g. WP7...WP21 (major trust factor, trust factor, minor trust factor - crosses)
  • from DoW pp507-508

Trust table1.png

Trust table2.png