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Student Corner for SCOTT

Please be welcome to the Student Corner for Secure and Trusted Things - SCOTT.

Please read UiO guidelines for MSc evaluations, especially p.7 and p.15 about what the evaluators are expecting from the thesis document.

Topics for Master Thesis

Open Master Thesis related to SCOTT

More details are available at OpenThesis

Do you have an idea for a topic?

Finished Master Thesis related to SCOTT

Some ideas

Cyber Physical Systems Lab at IFI/UiO

Cyber Physical Systems Lab.png

The Cyber Physical Systems Lab (CPS lab) focuses on a number of Enabling Technologies and their Applications having the physical organization divided into several Spaces pursuing the following goals:

(A) Provide a hands-on opportunity to several IFI courses taught at BSc and MSc levels, and MSc projects, inside the topics covered by this Lab. The topics of CPS Lab are meant to complement existing Lab initiatives at IFI and elsewhere, as far as we are aware of them (e.g., the Smart Grid lab of NTNU).

(B) Provide an open space for various MSc Topics offered at IFI by the applicants and others that want to use the Lab.

(C) Provide a platform for Industry to interact directly with IFI students by providing concrete problems through the Lab (e.g., as devices that need some form of investigation).


If you are interested in a Master Thesis related to any of the topics, please contact the supervisor mentioned in the specific thesis. Or have a look at SCOTT:SCOTT for potential supervisors, and tell them what you are interested in.