BB24.L Adaptable network slicing


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Title Adaptable network slicing
Page Title BB24.L Adaptable network slicing
Technology Line Distributed Cloud Integration
Lead partner Telenor
Leader Do van Thanh
Contributors Telenor, HiOA, Wolffia, UIO
Related to Use Cases SCOTT:WP8, SCOTT:WP21
Description To meet the different requirements of the different IoT industrial domains e.g. smart grids, smart homes, intelligent transport, etc. in terms of data rate, latency, security, availability, etc. this building block will design and implement network slicing, i.e. establishing different network slices for different domain by using SDN (Software Defined Networking), NFV (Network Function Virtualization) and cloud technologies. A network slice shall encompass different access technologies like WLAN, LTE, future access technologies, etc.
Main output One output is a software function that allows the establishment of a network slice according to the requirements of a specific IoT domain. Another output is a test network slice comprising a cloud server platform, one access network using WLAN and one access network using LTE that could be used by an IoT application.
BB category Methodology (for SW/HW development), SW component, Tool or tool chain, Interface, Means for establishing cross-domain interoperability
Baseline Adaptable Network slicing requires a number of technologies to be in place such as SDN, NFV, cloud technologies and consumer device technologies. These technologies will be offered by the Telenor 5G testbed but additional functions will have to be implemented.
Current TRL 5 for SDN and NFV

9 for cloud technologies
5 for consumer device technologies

Target TRL Aim to reach TRL 6 for adaptable network slicing.