SCOTT:Overview of Responsibilities for UiO


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Overview of Responsibilities for UiO
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Start: 1May2017, thus M04 = 1Sep2017, M07 = 1Dec2017, ...

  • Deliverables for each Lead partner is sorted based on its Due month
 TitleDue monthLead partnerEditorDissemination level
D22.1Assessment of technologyM12UiOToktam RamezaniPublic
D22.3Trust technologies advancesM24UiOToktam RamezaniPublic
D30.3Documentation of open innovation activitiesM36UiOToktam RamezaniConfidential

UiO Main tasks within the project

SCOTT-UiOMain-Norway contribution

WT6 Summary of project effort in person-months for UiO

SCOTT - Norwegian Beneficiaries
SCOTT - Norwegian Beneficiaries
SCOTT - Norwegian Beneficiaries
SCOTT - Norwegian Beneficiaries

UiO involvement in Work Packages

Overview of UiO involvement in Work Packages in details

UiO Related Building Blocks

SCOTT-Semantic Attribute Based Access Control (S-ABAC)

SCOTT-HW supported security mechanisms

SCOTT-SCOTT Security Library

SCOTT-SCOTT Security Core – Identification, authentication and secure communication

SCOTT-Trust Anchor and Trust Indicator for ES and smart sensors

SCOTT-Remote Configuration of Infrastructure

SCOTT-Mobile Edge Computing

SCOTT-Multi-metrics assessment for measurable security and privacy

SCOTT-Privacy labels (A-F)