BB24.G Mobile Edge Computing


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Title Mobile Edge Computing
Page Title BB24.G Mobile Edge Computing
Technology Line Distributed Cloud Integration
Lead partner VEMCO
Leader Longin Kawolski
Contributors PRE, Telenor, UiO, VEMCO
Related to Use Cases SCOTT:WP8, SCOTT:WP9, SCOTT:WP11
Description WSN applications with relaxed real-time requirements may perform well with a centralised cloud in the Internet. In such a case, the physical location of a cloud server may in the worst case also be located on another continent. Other WSN applications however, do require lower round trip times and therefore need a distributed cloud, i.e. cloud servers located close to the physical location of the WSN (Mobile Edge Computing, Fog Computing). The edge computing provides also the possibility to filter and pre-process too sensitive data.
Main output Analysis of applicable solutions for mobile edge computing and potentially prototype implementation to be used in SCOTT use cases.
BB category SW component, HW component, Other
Baseline Available standards of mobile edge computing by 3GPP/ETSI.
Current TRL
Target TRL

Mobile Edge Computing

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