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WP9 - Secure Connected Facilities Management

WP Title: Secure Connected Facilities Management
Project: SCOTT
Lead partner: VEMCO SP ZOO
Leader: Mateusz Mul
Contributors: VEMCO SP ZOO, CISC, Eye Networks AS, GUT, Tyco, UCC, UiO


Ensuring a high level of comfort and simultaneously safety and security in facility areas (buildings, infrastructure objects, and installations) is one of the most challenging and ambitious directions of development in situation awareness systems. Modern buildings are strongly focused on providing user-oriented services in order to increase the human comfort and safety within the facility. It is hard to reconcile it with keeping high safety and security level at the same time due to the necessity of following the cumbersome security procedures. The goal of this use case is to simplify these procedures by introducing the self-aware wireless network of smart components for access control and facility monitoring with integrated identification and authorization capabilities. The main objectives are related to detection, identification and localization of different objects and their behaviour within facilities or areas of critical infrastructure. The other issue is extending the access control in physically separated locations with virtually defined areas with locally defined rules (e.g. customized area and behaviour definition, virtual fences etc.). The business requirements (from the industry perspective) indicate an urgent need for easy deployment of systems that allows for precise monitoring and tracking of objects (people, vehicles, tools, equipment etc.) in virtually defined areas of an industrial facility in order to support its business operations and processes with respect to safety and security. Thus, the main objectives of this Use Case are:

  • Increasing the security level of the critical infrastructure (e.g. fuel sector) and optimization of planning, managing and accounting overhauls and maintenance services in the industry installations (e.g. refinery).
  • Increasing the reliability level of the security systems infrastructure by utilization of hot redundancy mechanisms and improvement of the maintenance service and minimization of breakdown/accident reaction time.
  • Demonstration of self-aware Internet-of-Things (IoT) network capabilities in access control and safety critical applications, in order to increase its availability and reduce time of reaction for component failure as well as inaccessibility of its components.

WP09 - Secure Connected Facilities Management

Partners in WP09

  • BB24.F Cross-technology synchronisation (AVL, UiO)
  • BB26.I Ontology for secure wireless data transfer (ISEP, ISEP)

SCOTT-NO: Christian Johansen Maghsoud Morshedi

EyeSaaS (13 PM) will contribute with network insight and monitoring solutions of home infrastructure. EyeSaas will use their framework for network management in the context of the applications developed here.

UiO (4 PM) will contribute with attribute-based access control technologies to allow for a more fine-grained and dynamic access control solution. UiO will also work on defining the space of attributes needed in this use case along with their semantics and the structure of their inter-relationships. Attributes, with semantics and measurable values, and the flexible architecture behind the standard ABAC (e.g., using XACML and SAML based technologies and implementations), are a very good approach to obtaining a more virtual access control architecture. Attributes can include various aspects, like about the context, type of network and profiles. UiO’s work here is also related to the building block S-ABAC from the technology line of WP24. UiO will contribute with applying the Privacy Labels building block to the various technologies from this WP, like those for user localization.

Tasks in WP09

In WP9(2 PM) and WP15 (1PM) we have already used our PMs in:

  • We have defined a master thesis on "Light-weight Authentication to Prevent Relay Attacks in RFID Environments".
  • We have attended a meeting regarding these WPs in Porto, and had several contributions for the WPs.
  • And have discussed 20 operational scenarios in WP9, and 9 scenarios in WP15.
  • We have defined a "new scenario” for dynamic access control related to applying BB24.I SABAC.

Telenor .

Deliverables in SCOTT:WP09

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