BB24.J Wireless Vehicle Interface


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Title Wireless Vehicle Interface
Page Title BB24.J Wireless Vehicle Interface
Technology Line Distributed Cloud Integration
Lead partner FEV PL
Leader Pawel Czernecki
Contributors FEV PL, AVL, VIF, FEV
Related to Use Cases SCOTT:WP11
Description Task of this building block is to prepare hardware/software system equipped with additional sensors (e.g. GPS), which collects passenger vehicle data (e.g. diagnostic, usage) over time via standardized vehicle interfaces (for example OBD) and transfers it to a cloud computing service via 3G/4G/5G or via a smart phone paired through Bluetooth (2.1) or connected via WLAN.

Designed gateway software allows to securely transfer software from outside into the vehicle and control the update process of the gateway software. It includes a software-based switch to alter trust levels in order to assure that the vehicle driver has full or partiall control and ownership of data shared to the cloud.

Main output A computer unit to act as a gateway for data exchange.
BB category SW component, HW component
Baseline The baseline for this building block is a vehicle interface for OBD (On- Board Diagnostic), which has been developed in FEV, a low cost, fan- less, single board embedded ARM computer as a demonstrator including high resolution display. This demonstrator can manage tethered OBD/CAN bus data and transmit it via an available network to the end-user e.g. for the purpose of vehicle condition evaluation.

This demonstrator will be prepared according to the requirements of a trustable passenger vehicle data exchange system for quantified car use cases.

Current TRL TRL 5. FEV Advanced Controller and HMI (FACH). This platform is designed to handle various tasks related to automation, measurement and control tasks.
Target TRL TRL 6-7 (verified in SCOTT use case).