SCOTT:SCOTT-NO focus Nov2016


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SCOTT:SCOTT-NO focus Nov2016

Title SCOTT-NO focus Nov2016
Place EyeNetworks
Date, Time 2016/11/25, 0930-1200
Contact Person Linda Firveld
Participants Josef Noll, Geir Arne Rimala, Jan Pedro Tumusok
related to Project SCOTT
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Anticipated Outcome

Fokus and Highlights of Scott

max 3-5 focus areas

  1. Privacy label, including ecosystem, rules, roadmap
  2. Measurable security (and privacy), including application specific security, thus application specific routing including InfoInternet

potential aspects

  • IoT inclusion through InfoInternet
  • SDN and OpenFlow for IoT security

How to achieve

  • Targeted Communications to stakeholders, e.g. KMD (Paul Chaffey), Forbrukerrådet, Standard Norge,
  • Test network allowing state-of-technology operations, e.g. Basic Internet
  • Pilots including industry and public
  • Privacy compliance, e.g. best praxis
    • includes Information modelling
  • Deliverables

Information modelling

  • what kind of data do I collect?
  • from data to information (what information is in the data?)
  • how to represent the information flow in
  • compliance for privacy, best praxis


  • Focus: managed Wifi, "insight"
  • Privacy compliance
  • Roadmap, e.g. for ISP: from ISP to privacy-compliant ISP