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SCOTT-NO work meeting June2017
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SCOTT:SCOTT-NO work meeting June2017

Title SCOTT-NO work meeting June 2017
Place UiO, Ifi, Gaustadalleen 23b, Oslo, Room 4118
Date, Time 2017/06/13, 10:00-14:30
Contact Person Toktam Ramezani
Participants Do van Thuan, Do van Thanh, Josef Noll, Toktam Ramezanifarkhani, Jan Pedro Tumusok, Geir Arne Rimala, Paal Engelstad, Heidi Tuiskula, Seraj Fayyad, Maghsoud Morshedi
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10:00 Welcome - table round
10:15 Entry Josef
Discussion: Wiki, Owncloud, and SharePoint (information sharing)
WP presentation, and discuss contribution of each partner about Lessons learned from SCOTT kick-off in Graz, Progress (15 min each)
10:30--11:00 Presentations-Part 1
Toktam (UiO)-- File:13 June-SCOTT-bi-monthly meeting.pdf
Do van Thanh (Telenor)-- see slides

11:15 Caffee Break

11:30--12:30 Presentations-Part 2
Geir (EyeNetworks) -- see slides
Boning (HiOA) -- see slides
Do (Wolfia) -- see slides
Josef: Harmonisation of the NO-approach
12:30-- 13:30 lunsj
13:30--14:00 Presentations-Part3
Knut Eilif Husa(TellU)
Heidi (NCE Smart) --see slides
Seraj (Movation)--see slides
14:00--14:30 Way ahead
Suggestion for the next meeting (All members: Do van Thanh, Toktam, …)

see SCOTT:Responsibilities and SCOTT:Partner_contribution

Summary, Action and work items
14:30 end of meeting


Sharing information

Wiki, Owncloud, and SharePoint (information sharing between the SCOTT-NO)

  • we agreed on having the wiki as a quick overview tool for us as SCOTT-NO partners, see e.g. see SCOTT:Responsibilities and SCOTT:Partner_contribution
  • partners from Norway can stand-in for each other in SCOTT (e.g. participating on behalf of "xxx" in phone conferences)
  • short notes from every phone conference are shared on the wiki

Main outcome

We expect novel services

  • these services will have a business perspective
  • these service will have manageability aspects
  • these services are IoT related

Our focus, except business perspective, manageability and IoT is privacy and security, especially privacy label.

Privacy Label


  • from security functionality, what is privacy functionality
  • a) which data are collected?
  • b) how are they secured?, how are they anonymized?
  • c) with whom are the data shared (people, organisations)?

privacy label [in terms of classes: A, B, C, D,...] = f(a,b,c)  %the parameters above

Next working items

  • Requirement specifications - see AI: Toktam and Josef
  • Audit vs Norwegian accounting - see AI: Josef

Next meeting

13Sep2017 at UiO, see meetings

List of open ActionItems related to project SCOTT

AI: Josef to distribute standard consortium agreement for Norwegian Partners

AI: Toktam and Josef to establish the links to Building Blocks++ on wiki

AI: Josef to ask Trond on status of accounting, audits and responsibilities (EU vs Norway)

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