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Title SCOTT:SCOTT-UiO_Dec2017
Place ITS
Date, Time 2017/12/14, 1000-1200
Contact Person Toktam Ramezani
Participants Josef Noll, Christian Johansen, Toktam Ramezani
related to Project SCOTT:SCOTT
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The next deliverable is in SP1 and SP3
(related to each other about the assessment of technology)…
Considering all BBs, …. A new flood of emails and discussions
I may need to contact the manager at W27 in SP4
any comment?
Reports in SP3:
for 6M I did it, and now I don’t know their status anymore.
Involvement in WPs and BBs:
have talked to the BBs leaders and now it is reduced.
23.C: SCOTT-HW supported security mechanisms
23.N: SCOTT-SCOTT Security Library
23.R: SCOTT-Trust Anchor and Trust Indicator for ES and smart sensors
The Rest:
SCOTT-SCOTT Security Core – Identification, authentication and secure communication
SCOTT-Remote Configuration of Infrastructure
SCOTT-Mobile Edge Computing
discussed with all probably related WPs till now, and
suggested some changes, what is its status?
Now things are clear and simpler than before.
Progress Report of our BBs:
SABAC: main: WP21, and WP 24, … and some others like wp7
Privacy labeling: main: WP7 and WP26, …
Measurable sec: main: WP7 and WP26, …
Till now I did it for all related WPs and BBs (except for wp21’s online meetings).

To prevent inconsistencies and mismatches, those of us that specifically work on a BB must report (in the meeting, wiki, …)

  • Without imposing extra overhead and adding unnecessary nodes in communication
  • Sharing with others (including ourselves and other partners) and
  • with more details in our F2F meetings (current or new ones if necessary, e.g.
  • students related meetings: can be managed by the main supervisor,… )

For Measurable sec: I may include Manish’s work,

  • In addition to students that may ask for advice, will add the report of my progress in other BBs whenever the time lets me have one.

Media:201712SCOTT-no_notes.pdf notes from meeting

Open Action Items

  • 'Cristian Johannesen: To check the WP15 specification for UiO involvement, check your email and confirm with Josef and Toktam. by 10 January
  • Josef Noll: To inform the project about UiO involvement. by 15 January:

"The following is a short summary and suggestions for UiO PMs, and a message to Christian that may change it.

  • UiO is now involved in about 20 WPs and to increase our efforts on the lead BBs we have the following short report and suggestions:
  • In WP9(2 PM) and WP15 (1PM) we have already used our PMs in:
    • We have defined a master thesis on "Light-weight Authentication to Prevent Relay Attacks in RFID Environments".
    • We have attended a meeting regarding these WPs in Porto, and had several contributions for the WPs.
    • And have discussed 20 operational scenarios in WP9, and 9 scenarios in WP15.
    • We have defined a "new scenario” for dynamic access control related to applying BB24.I SABAC.

Project Amendment (Norwegian Partners)

The following project amendment is asked from the partners in Norway

UiO: consolidation to increase efficiency and effectiveness for the contribution in SCOTT

  • Move 2 PM from WP13 to WP26 as the required PM for measurable security and privacy labeling.
  • Move 2 PM from WP14 to WP26
  • Move 2 PM from WP15 to WP26

SmartIO: Missmatch between expectations of contributions

  • Move 3 PM from WP15 to WP8

About Implementation issues

Christian: In WP9 and WP15 (which seems to be similar and important for the project from some partners perspective) I have tried to make the simplest scenario (called: dynamic access control) as possible to reuse the result of ABAC that is already a responsibility in WP21.

You may have a look and see if we may use the 2 PMs in WP15 to implement the suggested ABAC scenario, or you want to put in as a future scenario, and moving 2PM from wp15 to the wp26."

Josef Noll and Toktam Ramezani: SP3 and its first deliverable and decision about its coordination in the project. by 31 January