SCOTT:SCOTT-UiO tasks Jul2018


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SCOTT:SCOTT-UiO tasks Jul2018

Title SCOTT-UiO_tasks_Jul2018
Place ITS
Date, Time 2018/07/17, 1300-1400
Contact Person Josef.Noll, Christian Johansen, Johanna Johansen
Participants Josef.Noll
related to Project SCOTT
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Project Amendment

9 PM move from WP9 to WP24:

  • mail Maghsoud: I suggest to move 9 person month effort of EyeNetworks from WP9 to WP24. EyeNetworks leads BB24.A and has actively contributed to WP24 deliverables, however EyeNetworks has not assigned dedicated project effort in WP24, so that we request that SCOTT office move 9 PM from WP9 to WP24.
  • In addition, I request SCOTT project to move BB24.A from WP15 to WP9, so that EyeNetworks can contribute with BB24.A in WP9. Indeed, EyeNetworks has no technology building block in WP9 in order to be able to contribute to WP9 objectives, besides BB24.A has no owner in the WP15.