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SCOTT:SCOTT kick-off May2017

Title Kick-off May2017
Place Graz Kongresshalle
Date, Time 2017/05/22, 1200 - 23May2017 1400
Contact Person Werner Rom, Michael Karner
Participants Josef.Noll, Toktam Ramezani, Boning Feng, Do van Thanh, Niels Jacot, Do van Thuan, Geir Arne Rimala
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Agenda Kick-off Meeting Graz Media:SCOTT_Agenda_KO_Meeting_Graz.pdf

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Welcome [VIF] (15 min)
13:15 Overview on SCOTT [VIF] (60 min)
14:15 Financial / Administrative Issues [VIF] (30 min)

14:45 Coffee Break

15:15 SP1: Requirements Management & Assessment of Project Objectives [NXP-AT] (60 min)

16:15 SP2: Industrial Use Cases (Part 2) [GUT, INDRA]

Overview [GUT, INDRA] (10 min)
Use Cases Automotive Domain [Session Chair: AVL] (4x10 min)
WP11 Secure Cloud Services [AVL]
WP12 Ubiquitous Testing [AVL]
WP13 Trustable Wireless IVCN [VIF]
WP14 Secure Car Access [NXP-AT]
Use Case Aeronautics Domain [Session Chair: ISEP] (10 min)
WP16 Secure Wireless Avionics Intra Comm. [Embraer / ISEP]

17:15 Coffee Break

17:30 SP3: Technology Lines (Part 1) [Movation]

Overview [Movation] (10 min)
WP23 Security & Safety [Nokia] (25 min)
WP24 Distributed Cloud Integration [Telenor] (25 min)

18:30 End of Day 1

19:30 Evening Reception

Schlossberg Restaurant (on top of the Schlossberg), Schlossberg 7, 8010 Graz,
Take the stairs, the walkway or the funicular (Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Kai 38)

Day 2 kick-off

09:00 SP2: Industrial Use Cases (Part 2) [GUT, INDRA]

Use Cases Cross-Domain [Session Chair: GUT] (3x10 min)
WP15 Vehicle-as-a-Sensor [GUT]
WP17 Safe Freight and Traffic Management [ACCIONA]
WP20 Trustable Warning System [INDRA]
Use Case Healthcare Domain [Session Chair: PRE] (10 min)
WP21 Assisted Living and Community Care [PRE]
Use Cases Rail Domain [Session Chair: INDRA] (2x10 min)
WP18 Rail Logistics and Maintenance [INDRA]
WP19 Smart Train Composition Coupling [INDRA]
Use Cases Building & Home Domain [Session Chair: GUT] (4x10 min)
WP7 Air Quality Monitoring [VTT]
WP8 Managed Wireless for Smart Infrastructure [EyeNetworks]
WP9 Secure Connected Facilities Management [Vemco]
WP10 Logistics Management using Collaborative Robots [Ericsson]

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 SP3: Technology Lines (Part 2) [Movation] (2x30 min)

WP25 Autonomy of Devices / Energy Efficiency of WSN [ACCIONA]
WP26 Reference Architecture / Reference Implementations [ISEP]

12:30 SP4: Project and Impact Management (4x15 min)

WP28 Framework for Building Trusted Systems [VIF]
WP29 Dissemination and Exploitation [AVL]
WP30 Open Innovation and Stakeholder Engagement [VIF]
WP31 Standardization/Regulation/Certification [CISC]

13:30 Final get together and official end of meeting [VIF] (15 min)

13:45 Lunch

14:30 – 16:00: Individual breakout sessions possible (optional)

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