SCOTT:SCOTT relevans for Vitheia Dec2016


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SCOTT relevans for Vitheia Dec2016
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SCOTT:SCOTT relevans for Vitheia Dec2016

Title SCOTT relevans for Vitheia Dec2016
Place UiO
Date, Time 2016/12/19, 1400-1520
Contact Person Josef Noll
Participants Eugen Rotariu, Hans A. Kielland Aanesen
related to Project SCOTT
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Discussed status of Vitheia platform, with specific focus on open interfaces, security, privacy, and sensor to sensor communication. Clear focus on health services.

Agreement reached to

  • develop application for a "virtual fall sensor", expecting specs and quotation from Eugen
  • harmonise SCOTT architecture with respect to open interfaces defined by Vitheia

Other aspects

  • EPR Forum driving communication on open interfaces, see
  • Applicability for Center for Connected Care?