SCOTT:SP1 - Status Requirements Entry


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SP1 - Status Requirements Entry
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SCOTT:SP1 - Status Requirements Entry

Title SP1 - Status Requirements Entry
Place Phone meeting
Date, Time 2017/08/30, 900-1000
Contact Person Michael Jerne, Joachim Hillebrand
Participants Toktam Ramezani
related to Project SCOTT
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- Status of requirements entry per TL (and how to close gaps)

- Requirements alignment approach per TL (incl. calls,...)

- Deliverables D2.1 – D5.1

- Input for upcoming meetings (TB, F2F)

- Actions, next steps

The summary

The minutes can be found under:

The guidance document and template proposal for D2.1 – D5.1, as well as the weekly status reports are stored under:

Open Action Items