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WP7 - Air Quality Monitoring

WP Title: Air Quality Monitoring for Healthy Indoor Environments
Project: SCOTT
Lead partner: VTT
Leader: Johanna Kallio


The current implementation barriers are that platforms for sharing data (e.g. temperature, relative humidity, CO2 / CO / NO2 concentrations) among environmental sensor owners are limited and no useful interpretation of the collected data are available. This use case aims to provide the means to utilize environmental sensor data for a better understanding of air quality and air conditions, and enable the applications that can ultimately improve indoor environmental conditions and everyone’s life.

The technology development in this use case is concentrated on the monitoring technology, data fusion of different sensor data and analysis of the gathered data. The monitoring technology at the target building which will be selected in Task 1 from a variety of already available options is strongly driven towards wireless solutions which are suitable especially in cases where older buildings are being retrofitted.

The use case aims to utilize mainly emerging sub-1GHz technology in the WSN monitoring solution. This increases the scalability of the solutions while keeping the gateway component count at a reasonable number. The aim is also to investigate hybrid solutions that utilize short-range e.g. 2,4GHz technology for inter-room and small areas communication together with sub-1GHz long-range technology for access to distant gateways and linking the short- range technology WSNs.

The developed monitoring solution is aimed to be integrated into the cloud and have the data available for creating new types of services and for supporting and enhancing existing ones. The backend solution also acts as the platform for the data fusion and data analytics components. These components provide the processed information to be utilized by different services and users such as building maintenance and management personnel. The utilization of external data sources to enrich the analytics, such as weather information will also be explored.

The data need to pre-processed to allow privacy protection (e.g. humidity and temperature increase in the bedroom can probably regarded are very personal information), but on the other hand the abstract data analytics should be able to process the information in such a way, that a general building management is still possible.

Partners in WP07

Update Apr2018

  • Removed BB23.E_Indra
  • Added BB24.A_EYESAAS
  • Added BB24.C_INTEGRA
  • Removed BB25.B_NXP-NL
  • Added BB25.C_ACCIONA
  • Removed BB25.G_PhLi
  • Added BB26.E_ISEP

  • BB24.F Cross-technology synchronisation (AVL, UiO)

SCOTT-NO contact: Heidi Tuiskula

SmartIO (3 PM) o Work on demonstrating this use case in ongoing work on smart home and smart grid.
o SmartIO will derive business opportunities for this use case.

UiO (2 PM) Work on privacy aspects for mobile measurements and develop techniques for air quality visualisation. We expect to adopt the Citi-Sense-MOB toolbox of mobile air-quality measuring adapted to indoor measurements.
o Work on real-time status for Air Quality sensors, which is a vital aspect for obtaining reliable well-spread measurements. We will apply the Privacy Labels building block in conjunction with the Multi-metrics for privacy building block.
o We will use our experience from analysing Smart Grid electricity measurements to minimize energy consumption and apply it to air quality measurements.
o The work will also look into methods for predicting IAQ hazards and making virtual alarm services for alerting the occupants

Tasks in WP07


WP lead: (VTT)

  • Norway: Smart Innovation Norway, UiO
  • NO contrib: semantic attribute-based access, business, security monitoring, privacy labelling
  • future services, management of IoT (through link to WP8)
  • roadmap on service- and business-take-up

WP meeting 5Sep2017

Potential demonstration applications

  • open standards for management
  • including of F-Sense software in the gateway
  • edge computing for counter-acting on DDoS attack

Other contributions

  • lab/collaboration of SmartIO with HiØ on common smart home project

WP meeting 13Jun2017

  • main focus areas: wireless connectivity, autonomous operation (energy hosting),
  • Q: where comes security into the place?
  • Q: common requirements from WP7 and WP8?
  • agreement with F-Secure on adding F-Secure/Sense device to WP8

Deliverables in SCOTT:WP07

Working area

Real impact:

  • health challenges due to mould/fungi in modern and tight buildings
  • air quality in home buildings
  • air quality in schools (collaboration with NILU on their Air Quality Hackaton, and EU: Citi-Sense Project - Contact:Josef)