SCOTT:WP7-WP8 meeting Oslo Mar2019


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WP7-WP8 meeting Oslo Mar2019
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SCOTT:WP7-WP8 meeting Oslo Mar2019

Title WP7-WP8 workshop Oslo
Place Ifi@UiO
Date, Time 2019/03/19, 0900-1430
Contact Person Johanna Kallio
Participants Josef.Noll, Maghsoud Morshedi, Christian Johansen, Maunya Doroudi Moghadam
related to Project SCOTT
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The meeting takes place at the University of Oslo, Department of Informatics (Ifi), Room 5470 (called Ole-Johan Dahls sal), Gaustadalléen 23B, 0373 Oslo (see more on Google Maps Link to Ifi@UiO)

Travel is with the Metro (T-Bane) to Forskningsparken (Oslo). See for travel times.

The meeting Room 5470 (called Ole-Johan Dahls sal) is located on 5th floor in section D of the building, which is in the tower part and only one elevator section can reach this floor (so it is impossible to miss). People at the information desk at the main entrance can guide you or give directions.

Topics to be addressed

09:00 Welcome and participants

09:15 D7.3 deliverable status

10:00 LoRAWAN based IAQ system + demo / TUDelft

10:15 Gdansk demo status

Participant check
what demos will be shown
Common methodology poster

11:00 Coffee break

11:45 Forthcoming focus items

2nd ECSEL review
D7.4 and final demo / 3rd ECSEL review

12:45 Wrap-up, action points

13:00 Lunch and end of the meeting


List of participants