SCOTT:SCOTT-NO November 2017


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SCOTT:SCOTT-NO November 2017

Title SCOTT:SCOTT-NO November 2017
Place Smart Innovation Norway- Remmen Kunnskapspark, Håkon Melbergs vei 16, Halden
Date, Time 2017/11/30, 10:00-15:00
Contact Person Øivind Berg
Participants Do van Thuan, Josef Noll, Christian Johansen, Toktam Ramezanifarkhani, Heidi Tuiskula, Maghsoud Morshedi, Øivind Berg
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Meeting takes place at Smart Innovation Norway in Halden, Remmen Kunnskapspart    


10:00 Welcome - table round
10:15 Entry:
SCOTT-NO contract,
Vision of project (your comments, see presentation "SCOTT main message" presented in Porto 18Oct2017)
The high-level: Security functionality, security classes, metrics - and privacy labeling
10:35 Heidi (NCE Smart)
The ongoing research activities of SIN (how we can exploit those in SCOTT)
Initial plans for the joint workshop for 2018 with SCOTT WP7 air quality,
Private funded smart building project Smarte Remmen and IoTSec project.
12:00 lunsj
12:45 Showcase Norway
Short update of all WP responsible, see SCOTT:Responsibilities
Status of WP (highlights), specification of WPs


Lars Thomas - Tellu contributions with diabetes monitoring in WP21
Maghsoud Morshedi - Framework for WP8
Toktam Ramezani - The project status, BB Measurement
Hamed Arshad - SABAC
Contributions from Partners
14:10 Planning Tromsø meeting
14:30 AOB, Action Items, next meetings
15:00 End of Meeting

 PresenterPresentation FileKeywords
ABAC and eHealth 2017/11/30Hamed ArshadClick to Open
SCOTT-NO Meeting Nov Toktam 2017/11/30Toktam RamezanifarkhaniClick to Open
SIN contribution 2017/11/30Heidi TuiskulaClick to Open

From Use Cases to Show Cases

  • Starting point: use case scenario(s)
  • from use cases
  • to development
  • to implementation
  • to demonstration
  • to showcases

Each use case should have three categories for BuildingBlocks (BB)

  1. Need to have (for the functioning of the use case)
  2. Nice to have (could contribute to the use case, depends on developments and API)
  3. Future "enhancing the story"


  • need to be established 37 principles for IoT trust framework


Reviewer(s) and Forms:

  • Why do we need "harmonised deliverables"?
  • Focus on impact of use case

Real-world relevance

  • from use cases to development to implementation to demonstration to showcases

Administrative overhead

  • bin-counting dominated: deliverables, excel, phone conferenes, coordination
  • too little focus on technical work

Impact on National and European Scale

  • Driving forces are often the BuildingBlocks, not the use cases
  • missing focus on showcases for SCOTT
  • impact analysis for Europe:
    • Leadership (ECSEL)
    • Jobb creation

WP showcases and updates

WP6 - coordinating

WP7 - Air Quality -

  • showcase: Smart Remmen and VTT
  • extended by management
  • Workshop as main showcase

WP8 - Managed Wireless

  • 25 installations Smart Home
  • Showcase: wireless services
  • Future Showcase: 5G Network slicing for Free Access to Health, Education and Governmental Information


  • 20 scenarios, define "new scenario" using 3 building blocks: ABAC, ...
  • showcase: facility management in Gdansk (replay from DEWI)

WP13 - Trustable Wireless vehicle communication network

  • 4 PM EyeNetworks - smart sensors
  • 2 PM moved to WP26, due to required manpwoer for meas. sec development


  • 1 PM move to WP26

WP15 - Vehicle as sensor (related to WP9)

  • UiO 3 PM - 1 PM used, 1 PM used
  • SmartIO 3 PM -> moved to WP8
  • Telenor, Wolffia, HiOA

WP21 - Assisted living and community care

  • showcase: fall sensor
  • showcase: diabetes monitoring
  • future showcase: 4.75G Network Slicing (interoperability: health care and alarm services co-ordinating)

Building Blocks Manpower

Moving PM from BB

  • if PM is moved within a WP, information to WP leader is sufficient (no Amendment)
  • if PM is moved from e.g. WP24 to WP26, then we need an amendment

Toktam and Maghsoud to clarify on PM move in BB

Buz opportunities

BUZ cooperation

  • F-Sense as SDK to eSmart, EyeNetworks, TellU and Telenor

Future: Assessment of Technology

SP1 suggestion: assessment of each requirement

  • assessment of implementation of requirements
  • based on state of implementation
  • Draft proposal D1.1.
  • Proposal: Adding more granularity
  • "readiness level"

Suggestion: High-level view

  • focus on building blocks
  • SP1: Requirements (driving the project?)
  • SP2: The story of future services and their requirements (use cases)
  • SP3: Technology development


SCOTT Meetings

SCOTT related Meeting(s):


Open Action Items

Including the new participants and students
Reviewers and the review forms
In addition to lead UC and weak UC, future applications could be considered as well
Administrative overhead
Demonstration: Platform in WP8, Connectivity in NCE Smart
Planning workshop for 2018 with SCOTT WP7 air quality and WP8