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Title SCOTT-NO kick-off
Place UNIK
Date, Time 2017/03/14, 1000-1530
Contact Person Josef Noll
Participants Paal Engelstad, Boning Feng, Dieter Hirdes, Christian Johansen, Niels Jacot, Do van Thuan, Do van Thanh, Heidi Tuiskula, Dieter Hirdes, Jan Pedro Tumusok, Stian Løvold, Bjarne Tarjei Haugen, Seraj Fayyad
related to Project SCOTT
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Participants not able to join: Knut Eilif Husa, Linda Firveld, Toktam Ramezanifarkhani, Maghsoud Morshedi


10:00 Welcome - table round
10:20 Entry Josef (how to "show off" from Norway - deliverable table)
10:30 Main achievements per partner (1 slide per partner - what do you want to achieve - 3 min hver)
Heidi (NCE Smart) -- free topics
Geir (EyeNetworks) -- see slides
Boning (HiOA) -- see slides
Do (Wolfia) -- see slides
11:05 Working Groups: goals mapped to WPs/Technology blocks
Specific goals for 1. year:
- achievements, best praxis (e.g. privacy in ISP)
- pilot
- targeted communication (whom do we talk to)
11:30 lunsj
12:15 summary of 1. part, "how to"
12:45 Any other questions?
admin, other issues
kick-off 22-23May2017 in Graz, participation?
13:30 - 15:10 planning the 1. year developments/deliverables/pilots
group work
15:10 - summary and action items
15:30 end of meeting


Josef (how to "show off" from Norway - deliverable table)

  • focus on max 3-5 topics
  • have a harmonised view
  • bring our approach into the various WPs

participation of Norwegian partners in SCOTT

Main focus per partner

  • Heidi (NCE Smart) -- free topics
  • Geir (EyeNetworks) -- see slides
  • Boning (HiOA) -- see slides
  • Do (Wolfia) -- see slides

Planning the 1. year developments/deliverables/pilots
SCOTT Norway focus and relation to WPs

Admin, other issues

  • Josef will ask Tron Espeli (NFR) for the opening of the Norwegian contract
  • Toktam Ramezanifarkhani will become the COO of SCOTT-NO on behalf of UiO
  • Maghsoud Morshedi will join EyeNetworks as industrial PhD researcher related to SCOTT topics
  • kick-off 22-23May2017 in Graz, participation from:??


  • good focus on
  • we meet roughly once a month, next meetings
    • 22-23May2017 - Consortium Meeting in Graz
    • 13Jun2017, 1000-1530 at Kjeller (ITS@UiO)