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SCOTT-NO work meeting Sep2017
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SCOTT:SCOTT-NO work meeting Sep2017

Title SCOTT-NO work meeting Sep 2017
Place UiO, Ifi, Gaustadalleen 23b, Oslo, Room 4118
Date, Time 2017/09/13, 10:00-14:00
Contact Person Toktam Ramezani
Participants Do van Thuan, Josef Noll, Christian Johansen, Toktam Ramezanifarkhani, Heidi Tuiskula, Maghsoud Morshedi, Olaf Owe, Øivind Berg, Farzane Karami, Elahe Fazeldehkordi
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Meeting takes place in the Informatics building called Ole-Johan Dahls Hus in the Blindern campus.
  Address: Gaustadalléen 23B, 0373 Oslo, 4th floor, meeting room 4118

  • We suggest to take the metro lines 4 or 5 in the direction West and stop at Forskningsparken. From here walk under the bridge to reach the big black building. This should be visible from the metro station.
  • Parking in the basement at section A of the parking is for general use including guests. To park in this section, the reception on the first floor (or by using the Elevator B, the reception on the 4th floor) will give the parking permit.


  • UiO guest
  • Eduroam



10:00 Welcome - table round
10:15 Entry Josef
Discussion: Wiki, Owncloud, and SharePoint (information sharing)
Responsibilities per WP, see SCOTT:Partner_contribution > Responsibilities

  10:30-- 11:00: Partner presentation reporting about:

  • WP and Building Block: Responsibilities and their progress
  • Status-of-inputs and deliverables
  • List and description of current activities:
    • from technological and  administrative point of view
    • Achievements (first year)
    • Next steps
Toktam Ramezani (UiO): Experiences from Requirement analysis and further process in SCOTT
Elahe Fazeldehkordi (UiO): Security Functionality

11:00 Coffee Break

11:15 -- 12:15 Presentations
Do van Thanh (Telenor): still stuck in Miami
Maghsoud Morshedi (EyeNetworks): concentrating on WP8
Boning (HiOA): building lab for network slicing
Do (Wolfia): see slides on requirements and use case
12:15-- 13  lunch
Knut Eilif Husa (TellU), represented by Christian
Heidi (NCE Smart): Performed industrial workshop for IoT Security, need showcase requirements
Josef (Movation): Focussing on project vision and "how to reach the market
14 AOB
Way ahead, suggestion for the next meeting, summary, action and work items
Norwegian show-case, organisation of May meeting
Porto administrative aspects
Strategic Research Initiative "Security, Privacy and Trust"

see SCOTT:Responsibilities and SCOTT:Partner_contribution



  • Every Partner should go through the WPs for getting the consolidated inputs on the BB for the specific contribution, see Scott Baseline proposed Requirements 010917.pptx (see Sharepoint)
  • Changes in SCOTT:WP15: Norwegian Partners like Wolffia 3PM, Telenor and HiOA moved manpower from WP15 to WP21
  • we need extra workshop for WP14
  • we need extra workshop for Security Functionality - performed, see comments further down


Relation between Building Blocks and Functionalities

Building Block owners should confirm the requirements

  • they will decide on core of implementation
  • each Building Block should be implemented once (if implementable)
  • Use case architectures should be built on functional building blocks and APIs. If APIs are harmonized, then BBs can be implemented using the API also in other use cases.

Use case specifications

Use case specifications needs to be done by M7 (End Nov 2017)

Each use case should have a more detailed use case description, including what might be implemented

Security Functionality

Elahe presented the unified security functionality. Comments:

  • should have a LifeCycle view for applicability to CEOs and
  • should add the relevant standards (or which standards are used), use own markers in xmind [1]

Security Functionality Overview


  • Development and implementation
  • Operation
  • Update

Cross layers

  • Security Technologies, e.g. encryption, …
  • Monitoring,
  • Physical Access

Security Functionality Lev2

Security Functionality Monitoring

Further steps

  • establish a paper on applicability of Security Functionality on security classes, e.g. control room of smart grid, smart meter, collector,...
    • invite Manish to the paper
  • After the relation between Security Functionality and Security Classes, establish 2nd paper towards privacy reasoning

Future activities:

  • Conversion to ontology
  • Reasoning to automatically create relations towards Security Classes




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