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SCOTT SP2-SP3 Coordination
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SCOTT:SCOTT SP2-SP3 Coordination

Title SCOTT:SCOTT_SP2-SP3_Coordination
Place Amsterdam- citizenM Schiphol Airport hotel Jan Plezierweg 2 Schiphol, NL, 1118 BB Netherlands"Amsterdam- citizenM Schiphol Airport hotel Jan Plezierweg 2 Schiphol, NL, 1118 BB Netherlands" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

Date, Time 2018/03/01, 0900-1630
Contact Person Michael Karner
Participants Josef Noll
related to Project SCOTT
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10:00-11:00 SCOTT SP2 / SP3 - definition and clarification of main objectives and tasks with regard to DoW
1100-1130 2. SCOTT Impact - which WP performs the analysis (market opportunities, ecosystem, advances as compared to SOTA)
11:30-12:30 Definition of "core, extended, future" BBs and its impact on implementation plans (how it refers to assumptions established during project preparation and described in DoW) - Josef
Lunch Break (12:30-13:15)
1315-1415 Definition and clarification of SCOTT demonstrators - what we promised and what we would like to show
1415-1515 Alignment between SP2/SP3 deliverables - identification of potential overlaps
Coffee break (15:15-15:30)
1530-1630 SCOTT BB implementation monitoring - SP2 / SP3 related tasks

Outcome of the meeting

Detailed minutes of the meeting are on sharepoint:

  • A suggestion of high-level topics for technology developments by WP22
  • BBs will be categorized under the suggested topics
  • Announcing the suggestion and asking for the partner's idea about the topics and the category of their BB
  • BBs on the same category may negotiate, discuss, and cooperate together to archive the topic goals- we will start with at least 3 selected topics discussions between related BBs in practice in the next meeting in Tromsø
  • We may include the statistics of the project assessment done with the cooperation of SP1 for each topic
  • information about these topics and BBs will appear in W22 deliverables
  • Based on the TB acceptance: BB owners have to fill the master sheet with "core, extended, or future" as explained in the BB2x.x name of building block:
    • Understanding:
    • Core (C) means the building block will be implemented in the use case.
    • Extended (E) means that the building block to be foreseen in the use case within the scope of the project (please specify when you expect your building block is ready).
    • Future (F) means that the building block will have a contribution to WPx.x, but is only on a descriptive level, and leads to an assessment of future impact.

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Definition of core, extended, future BBs 2018/03/01Josef NollClick to OpenBuilding Blocks