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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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Initiativet IoTSec - Sikkerhet i Tingenes Internett (IoT) for Smarte Nett ble etablert i 2015 for å bidra til en sikre informasjonssamfunnet. Fokus er på utviklingen av tilpassede sikkerhetsløsninger for tingenes internett. Initiativet fikk støtte fra Norges Forskningsråd (NFR) for utviklingen av metoder, algoritmer og standarder relatert til sikkerhet, samt utviklingen av det Norske sikkerhetssenter for Smart Grid.

IoTSec addresses the basic needs for a reliable and efficient, uninterrupted power network with dynamic configuration and security properties. It addresses in addition the needs of businesses and end users of additional IoT services by exploring use cases for value-added services with the intent to design the building blocks for future services that consider the necessary security and privacy preconditions of successfully deployed large-scale services. IoTSec will apply the research in the envisaged Security Centre for Smart Grids, co-located with the Norwegian Centre of Excellence (NCE Smart).


Tel. møte i IoTSec:
 DateThis property is a special property in this wiki.PhonePhone IDTitle
Phone 2018/09/052018-09-05+47-21-93-37-51608-244-573IoTSec phone meeting Sep.2018
Phone 2018/05/022018-05-02+47-21-93-37-37583-228-677IoTSec phone status May2018
Phone 2018/02/072018-02-07+47-21-93-37-51979-469-325IoTSec phone status February2018
Phone 2017/10/042017-10-04+47-21-93-37-51379-370-373IoTSec phone status October2017
Phone 2017/08/022017-08-02+47-21-93-37-51543-511-237IoTSec phone status August2017
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Møte i IoTSec:
 DateThis property is a special property in this wiki.Place
Sichuan Univ Visit15 November 2018Gunnar Randers vei 19, 2027 Kjeller
Consortium Oct.2018 Oslo11 October 2018NR building, 4th floor Delta room, Gaustabekalleen
IoTSec Consortium f2f meeting summer6 June 2018Norwegian Computing Center, Gaustadalléen 23A, 0373 Oslo, Norway
ITS BasicInternet aktiviteter May20184 May 2018FYS Backspace V245
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Forskningsarbeid og industriell fokus

IoT Sec flow diagramme

IoTSec har fokus på semantiske systembeskrivelser, sikkerhetsmodellering og målbart sikkerhet og personvern. Arbeidet er beskrevet mer detaljert i arbeidspakkene WP1 - WP3:

WP0 Project management, Dissemination and Exploitation (UNIK)

  • T0.1 Project management, Collaboration platform, supervision of PhD students
  • T0.2 Dissemination, Scientific Papers, workshops, liaisons, industrial take-up

WP1 Semantic system, application, and attack description (Ifi)

  • T1.1 Semantic description of infrastructure, attack detection, system view;
  • T1.2 Measurable: security, privacy and dependability, metrics

WP2 Development of security models and modules for IoT systems (NR)

  • T2.1 Development of privacy-aware models and measures
  • T2.2 Adopting and enhancing adaptive security for system of systems
  • T2.3 Formal technologies for semantic provability

WP3 System versus Goal analysis for measurable security (NTNU)

  • T3.1 Multi-metrics applied for application-driven infrastructures
  • T3.2 Human/technical interface, security usability

Forskningsresultatene kommer å bli anvendt i Sikkerhetssenteret for Smarte Nett, hvor hovedfokus er på operasjonell sikkerhet for sammfunskritiske infrastrukturer. Anvendelser er beskrevet i arbeidspakken WP4.

WP4 Operational security for IoT-based critical infrastructure (NCE Smart)

  • T4.1 IoTSec ecosystem and industrial applicability
  • T4.2 Smart Grid security centre applicability, assessment, simulation and pilots
  • T4.3 Gap Analysis of security methods for critical infrastructures

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Initiativet IoTSec forsker på sikkerhet i tingenes internett (IoT)



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