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WWRF Meeting 41 Okt2018

Title WWRF #41
Place Herning
Date, Time 2018/10/30, -1Nov2018
Contact Person Ramjee Prasad, Nigel Jefferies
Participants Nigel Jefferies, Ramjee Prasad, Anders Fredriksen, Colin Langtry, Bernard Baran, i Gregory O’Brien, Marcus Brunner, Shu Kato Toboku, Werner Mohr, Angeliki Alexiou, Yansha Deng, Yevgeni Koucheryavy, Mikko Uusitalo, Constantinos Papadias, Sudhir Dixit, Klaus David, Josef Noll, Fisseha Mekuria, Walter Weigel, Steffen Ring, Knud Erik Skouby, Steffen Ring, Thomas Weilacher, Gabor Zsigmond, Miquel Payaró, Juha-Pekka Soininen, Gabriel Anzaldi, Aimilia Bantouna, Peter Lind, Simon Fletcher, Justina Lydekaiyte, Torben Timbo, Stephan Sand, Sadia Anwar, Per Valter, M.C. Holophe, Lene Sørensen, Peter Lindgren, Lars Kierkegaard, Anand Prasad, May Huang, Kiritkumar Lathia, Tommy Svensson, Huang Hua, Miguel Angel, Seshadri Mohan, Jari Porras, Hendrik Berndt, Thomas Weilacher
related to Project SCOTT, DigI
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 PresenterPresentation File
"Internet lite for all" - Sosial digital innovasjon 2018/08/16Josef NollClick to Open
5G Network Slicing for Digital Inclusion 2018/01/05Josef NollClick to Open
ABAC and eHealth 2017/11/30Hamed ArshadClick to Open
AMI TopologyManish ShresthaClick to Open
An Evolutionary Game for Integrity Attacks and Defenses 2018/06/06Svetlana BoudkoClick to Open
An evolutionary game for confidentiality attacksPeder AursandClick to Open
Analysis of IoT Sec EcosystemKonstantin LenchikClick to Open
Blockchain challengesRoman VitenbergClick to Open
Building Trust in the Internet of Things 2018/01/23Peter MoertlClick to Open
Connecting Non-grid AfricaFinn Helge TolpinrudClick to Open
DDoS Attack Detection in SDN 2017/12/05Ramtin AryanClick to Open
Definition of core, extended, future BBs 2018/03/01Josef NollClick to Open
DigI Presentation AndreaAndrea WinklerClick to Open
DigI-SDG 3 Health related TopicsJosef NollClick to Open
Digital Deltagelse for Alle 2019/02/13Josef NollClick to Open
Digital Health Examples from HiOAMirjam LukasseClick to Open
Digital Health Intervention in TZ - Plans and Time ScheduleFelix SukumsClick to Open
Digital Health as Catalyst for Digital SocietiesJosef NollClick to Open
Digital Health in TanzaniaBernard NgowiClick to Open
Digital Inclusion and Empowerment - The killer app for 6G -Nov2018Josef NollClick to Open
Digital Inclusion in Rural Tanzania 2018/04/16Josef NollClick to Open
DigitalRural TZ-TIgo-meeting-Apr2018Josef NollClick to Open
DigitalRural TZ-Vodacom-meeting-Apr2018Josef NollClick to Open
Digitalisation Energy Health Building Blocks Innovation Jan2019 NollJosef NollClick to Open
E2U information and service offers 2018/06/06Audun AndersenClick to Open
Economic Development using Mobile PhoneErwan Le QuentrecClick to Open
Elektronische Gesundheitskarte – Erfolg in Norwegen, Misserfolg in Deutschland? 2018/05/16Josef NollClick to Open
Free access to Digital Health Information in TanzaniaChristine HolstClick to Open
Free access to Digital Health Information in Tanzania 2017/10/17Christine HolstClick to Open
Free access to Digital Health Information in Tanzania 2018/12/05Christine HolstClick to Open
Freemium Model for Smart Network Access 2018/10/30Josef NollClick to Open
Human modeling for IoTSecAdam SzekeresClick to Open
Hvilke muligheter kan skapes i norsk og global sammenheng med basis i IoT? 2018/02/01Josef NollClick to Open
Ideas from Development 2018/04/10Erwan Le QuentrecClick to Open
InfoInternet: Free Access to Information for AllJosef NollClick to Open
Internet light for All - fostering the Agenda 2030 2017/12/05Josef NollClick to Open
Internet light for alle 2018/05/08Josef NollClick to Open
Introduction and discussion baselineArnor.SolbergClick to Open
Introduction to NOR-STA 2018/06/06Janusz GorskiClick to Open
IoT DDoS Attack Detection based on SDNRamtin AryanClick to Open
IoT contributions to Sustainable Developments(?) 2019/01/24Josef NollClick to Open
IoTSec SPD Taxonomy 2018/10/16Rune Winther
Øyvind Berg
Click to Open
IoTSec high level view 2017/11/20Josef NollClick to Open
IoTSec/SmartGrid Security Center – Getting an overview 2018/03/20Rune WintherClick to Open
Location variability of satellite radioHani Abd Elwahab Saed Ahmed MohammedClick to Open
Measurability of eHealth literacy 2018/10/08Christine.HolstClick to Open
Measurable Security, Privacy and Trust for Autonomous System 2019/02/14Josef NollClick to Open
Mobile Network Bottlenecks and Future Needs 2017/12/05Georgios PatounasClick to Open
Modelling Wireless PresentationAimé Maxime ItambaClick to Open
Network softwarization and slicing in 5GGeorgios PatounasClick to Open
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