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Testing how to ask for all concepts


- Autumn holidays - no lecture, - no lecture -, - no lecture, Josef travelling -, 2nd Assignment Presentations H17, 2nd Assignment Presentations H17cont, Antennas and their communication parameters (B2-B3), Assignment Ideas H17, Basic Internet Feedback to Malta keynote, Basics of Communication (A1-A3), Cost 231 propagation model comparison, Cost231 propagation models, Environments for Mobile and Wireless Communications (C1-C3), Evaluate COST 231 WI for handover, Examen UNIK4700h12, Examen UNIK4700h16, Fast and Hierachical MobileIP, Electroic nose, From 1G to 5G and 5G Security, H14-Invers Mobile Operator, H14-Rehearsel and Simulation Assignments, H14-Scenario for simulations, Handover modelling model using COST 231 WI, Homework: Preparation of your assignment, IP Mobility and Scenario, Idea discussion of 2nd assignment, Implementation Cost231 models, Implementation evaluation of Cost 231 WI model, Interference level and modelling, MANET, Multi-homing and Simulation of handover, Managed Wifi Access, Managed Wireless for Internet and IoT, Mid4700, Mobile IP and Patch Antennas, Mobile IPv4 v6, Mobile Network Challenges, Mobile evolution 5G (B6,D4,F1), Mobility and Handover in mobile systems, Mobility in heterogeneous networks (E1), Near Field Communication,Bluetooth, ZigBee and ANT+, Propagation Models and Free Internet, Radio propagation and free space attenuation, Radio propagation equation (A4,B1), Reserved day for Exam UNIK4700/UNIK9700, Topic presentation II, UNIK4700 Topic presentation, UNIK4700/9700-Introduction, UNIK4700:Autumn holidays, UNIK4700:Block Seminar, UNIK4700h14 Simulation presentations, WLAN communications, WiMAX and WirelessHART ... further results