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List of all changes in InnoBørs

This page contains a list of all changes reported to the BugReport of InnoBørs.

 TypeSeverityStatusVersionDue date
BG:Stock Market showing only a part og infoBug1-urgentSolved&Testedv2.18 June 2012
BG:Change request3-normalSolved
v2.61 August 2012
BG:CrowdfundingChange request2-majorSolvedv2.615 April 2012
BG:Crowdfunding: Admin rights in Idea ManagementChange request2-majorSolved&Testedv2.625 June 2012
BG:Payment for InnoBorsChange request2-majorOpenv2.710 March 2012
BG:Feedback to InnoBors01Functionality3-normalSolved
v2.725 May 2012
BG:Social Media PublishingFunctionality4-enhancementSolved&Testedv2.8
BG:Ease of use improvement v2.7FunctionalityNewv2.81 June 2012
BG:Useability-smaller updates v2.7Functionality2-majorSolved&Testedv2.8
BG:Click on Crowdfunding takes you directly to JegVilBidra pageFunctionality3-normalSolved&Testedv2.8
BG:Facebook and Google LoginFunctionality4-enhancementSolved&Tested
v2.82 June 2012
BG:Scorecard overview for idea ownersChange request3-normalAnswer
BG:LinkedIN address of user-01Bug3-normalSolvedv2.9
BG:Usage-Statistics for the InnoBorsFunctionality4-enhancementSolvedv3.0
BG:Welcome mail after creation of a new ideaLayout3-normalSolvedv3.0
CR:International version of InnoBors.euChange request2-majorAnswer
v3.110 July 2012
BG:Specific entry pages for countriesFunctionality5-next releaseNewv3.1
BG:Company name and add companyBug3-normalSolved&Testedv3.1
BG:Design for 810px iFrameLayout3-normalSolvedv3.1
BG:Idea page for social mediaChange request4-enhancementSolvedv3.15 August 2012
BG:embedded video instead of linkChange request4-enhancementSolvedv3.115 October 2012
BG:lost passwordFunctionality3-normalSolvedv3.1
BG:Landing pagesFunctionality4-enhancementQuestion
v3.115 September 2012
BG:New development environmentLayout1-urgentNewv3.2
BG:Facebook pageChange request3-normalAnswer
v3.315 December 2012
BG:Invite Idea MembersChange request4-enhancementOpenv4.0
BG:Analysis of status of companies and support functionsFunctionality99-not decidedNewv4.0
BG:Idea re-listing after 12 monthsChange request4-enhancementDeferredv4.0
BG:My page - Overview over my companiesFunctionality99-not decidedNewv4.0
BG:FAQ - frequently asked questions01Functionality5-next releaseDeferred
BG:Idea management using OData-01Functionality5-next releaseNewv4.0
BG:Configuration page for optionsChange request2-majorNewv4.0
BG:Sitemap with one page per ideaFunctionality5-next releaseDeferredv4.0
BG:Donate to InnoBorsFunctionality4-enhancementDeferredv4.115 December 2012
BG:Quality system for scoring based on experienceFunctionality99-not decidedNewv4.1
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Note: This page contains all bugs and change requests of the InnoBørs